Summer Etiquette Tips

Summer Etiquette Tips

Five Summer Etiquette Tips for Your Family: Summer is here and I bet you are asking yourself how you can incorporate manners and etiquette into your summer plans!  After all, your children are watching you….all the time and especially during the summer. From play dates to vacation beach house etiquette with other families, you will find the answers in this article.

 5 Etiquette Tips to Teach During Your Summer Vacation 

Polite and Playful Playdates 

Playdates offer many opportunities to teach basic manners and social skills.  Encourage and show your children how to take turns with toys and games, include all the children who are over for the playdate and how to use their indoor voice. Teach your children how to greet their guests at the door when they arrive and how to walk them to the door when their friends are leaving.  If your child is the guest, make sure they understand why it is important to say “thank you” for the playdate.

Vacation Beach House: Family Included

Shared vacations are so much fun.  The most common complaint I hear is that others do not do their share of the cleanup!  Teach your children to pick up their rooms and to help with prepping and clean up when eating meals as a group.

Set boundaries with noise.  Respect bedtimes. If you or your children are early risers, move around quietly or have your breakfast outside so that others can sleep in if they desire.

Most likely, certain spaces like bathrooms will be shared.  Show your children how to wipe down the sink after brushing their teeth and pick up wet towels.

Cover Your Bits and Pieces

Hot temperatures are really not an excuse to bare all.  Be respectful and mindful with your attire and your child’s.  Even when you are running a quick errand at the beach, put on a coverup. Take off and change out of your wet swim suit.

Conversation Skills in the Car

This tip is so very important.  Summer is the perfect time to have a conversation with your children.  Long car rides, lunch under the beach umbrella or at the picnic table, ask your child questions.  Engage them in conversation.  Show and teach them how to get to know others.

Summer Tech

Don’t forget to put down your devices and enjoy your summer, children and friends.

Resources to teach manners in classroom

Did you read our article about a school counselor teaching manners to children?  Click here to learn more.

Did you know our lesson plans are available in English and Spanish?  Click here to learn more.

Now Available in Spanish

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How to train to teach manners to children

High School Manners Program | Choate

 High School Manners Program | Choate

On a very cold wintery day in the south….in fact a record breaking snow fall, I started my journey north.  All in all it involved my husband driving on snow covered not yet plowed streets, airplanes, Ubers and pick up trucks to get me to Connecticut to teach a high school manners program at Choate. And the trip was worth every minute.  Do you know why?  They asked for it.  Yes, that’s right.  This group of 100 students asked for it. They wanted to learn more about so many topics regarding etiquette.  

Manners Program for High School Students

They walked in eager and engaged.  Many were from far corners of the world.  I met every single one of them because as I begin any manners program I offer a handshake and ask about their day, interests and where they are from.  They in turn asked me questions. Remember, they asked for it and like so many from this generation, are very interested in the subject matter.  Especially curious about table manners, many asked questions about dining styles and specifics before the presentation began.  Our focus was dining. The students learned and were able to practice American and European styles of dining. We discussed in detail how to set a table and hold utensils correctly. Of course, we talked about how to conduct yourself during an interview over a meal.

In addition, the students learned the importance of a good first impression, a professional handshake, eye contact and how to introduce others.  We talked about email etiquette and body language too.

The Charming Town of Wallingford, Connecticut

Since my business is requiring that I travel extensively now, I made a decision to make the most out of the experience.  Therefore, I decided to take the time to research interesting places to stay and seek out the restaurants that locals are more likely to frequent.  Wallingford, Connecticut did not disappoint.  Wallingford is the charming town center where Choate is located.  I found an authentic Victorian Inn where many of the parents of Choate stay when they are in town visiting their children.  It is also conveniently located a few blocks from Choate’s campus. The “village” of Wallingford was quaint and everything I expected.  The town was about two blocks from the inn.  I was able to have dinner in a locally owned Portuguese restaurant and try a cuisine that was new to me.

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About Manners To GoAbout Manners To Go

Most likely we already share something in common. We believe that teaching children manners, character and social emotional skills are very important.

Manners To Go™ is a full-service company for those choosing to teach manners to children. You can make a difference. All children and teenagers deserve to feel what it is like to be confident, and use good manners out in the world.

Manners To Go™ is taught in public, private and charter schools around the world. The New York Times, Parents Magazine and Fox News have all featured Manners To Go and the many benefits of teaching social skills to children.

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Teaching Manners: Lesson Plans to Use in the Classroom

Teaching Manners in Classroom Lesson Plans Handouts

How to Teach Manners in Your Classroom Using Lesson Plans and Ideas from a Special Education Teacher

If you are an educator, you may have questions about how to teach manners in your classroom using lesson plans and handouts.  Leah Serao has many ideas and her classroom is surrounded by fun charts and activities for the students to stay inspired.

Recently, I had the opportunity to teach a manners program for her students.  Leah is a special education teacher and her focus is on children with autism.  She also has a blog, Teacher Talk, where she writes about her experiences.

I interviewed Leah about her ideas on teaching manners, life skills and character education.

Resources Teach Manners in Classroom

Teaching Manners, Life Skills and Character Education

  1. When I was visiting your classroom preparing for the manners program, I noticed several boxes containing materials. My eyes immediately went to the box on life skills. Tell us about that box!

In our life skill box, I have a lot of resources that help teach students skills they need for life such as direction following, manners, greetings, and how to hold a conversation. The box contains activities and worksheets that help students learn and practice these skills.

Lesson Plans and Manners in Classroom

     2.  What are your favorite life skills/manners activities to teach in your classroom?

My favorite life skills/manners activity to teach is how to greet a person properly. Proper greetings change depending on age, location, and familiarity of the person. I love teaching different greetings during morning meeting since first impressions matter. We also practice saying hello and goodbye when entering and exiting the classroom. In addition, we always reinforce and expect our students to say please and thank you.

      3. What are your students favorite social skills activities?

My students love to participate in group projects where collaboration is needed to complete an end product. My students wrote and produced a video about Mozambique that shared how some students could not go to school since they could not afford a $10 uniform. My students loved practicing their lines and recording the video. In addition, my students have enjoyed morning meeting where they greet their classmates and their teachers, participate in a group activity, and then ask their classmates questions about their weekend or how to solve a math problem.

     4.  Of these activities, which ones do you believe have the most impact?

I think each social skills activity has had a beneficial effect on my students. Morning meeting has been a great social activity that has helped produce a “family” feel in the classroom among peers and teachers. Producing the video helped my students think outside the classroom and use their social skills to focus on helping other people. Focusing on saying please and thank you has helped my students be a role model to other students in the lunch room and to special teachers.

Resources to teach manners in classroom

Would You Like Lesson Plans to Teach Manners in Your Classroom?

Good Manners Set the Stage for Future Success

As an educator, you know how important social skills are for a child’s success. Children who are polite, well spoken, and attentive to others find it easier to get along with their peers and make a positive impression on the adults in their lives. As a result, more opportunities come their way, laying the foundation for future success in life. Yet too many children are not being taught proper manners or other valuable social skills at home. Which means it’s up to us as educators to equip them with these important life tools – and help them grow up to be responsible, caring, successful global citizens.

Now you can help students improve their behavior in as little as 10 minutes a day… a week… or month.


MTG Manners curriculum English
About Manners To Go Lisa Richey, Manners to Go Instructor

Most likely we already share something in common. We believe that teaching children manners, character and social emotional skills are very important.

Manners To Go™ is a full-service company for those choosing to teach manners to children. You can make a difference. All children and teenagers deserve to feel what it is like to be confident, and use good manners out in the world.

Manners To Go™ is taught in public, private and charter schools around the world. The New York Times, Parents Magazine and Fox News have all featured Manners To Go and the many benefits of teaching social skills to children.

Whether you are an educator who wants to teach it in the classroom or someone who is looking to become trained and certified, we provide all the solutions.


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