Top Table Manners Your Children Need to Know

Mealtime is important to so many families.  I have been researching a project about the family meal.  My heart is full after hearing from families about how endearing and special this time has become for their families.

According to those interviewed, most try to sit down together as often as five times a week. The children are there to help out ….it might be watching a boiling pot or setting the table.

My fondest memories are of my childhood meals with my parents.  My mother was a second grade teacher.  After school she would tie on an apron and start the prep while I sat in the kitchen to finish my homework.

Times have changed.  The family meal has changed. Even with our modern conveniences, sitting together as a family may not happen as often or as picturesque as you would like.

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To make mealtime more pleasant, here are a few tips to teach table manners at home:

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Arrive with a positive attitude. Meal time is fun. Only talk about what you do like.  Do not talk about how much you hate like broccoli.  Talk about how much you love the squash!

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Put your napkin on your lap. 

Use good posture at the table. Sit up straight. Don’t slouch or rest your arms on the table.

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Leave your cell phone and other devices such as tablets and laptops in a basket or the other room.

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Wait until everyone is finished before leaving the table.

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Help out in the kitchen.  Set the table.  Clear your plate when you are finished.

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