Thank You Note Writing Will Always Be Relevant.  And Here is Why.  
Thank You Note Activity
  • Expressing gratitude is the highest form of respect
  • Receiving a thank you note feels special 
  • Thank you notes are a gesture to express how we feel and recognize someone’s efforts and kindness
  • It make a human connection

Our methods of communication have changed over the years.  You are aware of how casual we have become but thank you notes will always be in style! 

In fact, thank you note writing is an act that will set you apart, both personally and professionally.  
And that is not really the reason to do it.  Think about the time and thought that went into the gift or action.  Writing a thank you note recognizes the giver.  

Writing a thank you note also is a way to make a human connection.  We all know making a human connection has become a treasure and gift.

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Thank you notes can have several important benefits:

  • Personal touch: Handwritten thank you notes add a personal touch that shows the recipient you took the time and effort to acknowledge their kindness or gesture.
  • Thoughtfulness: Sending a thank you note demonstrates thoughtfulness and consideration, which can strengthen relationships and leave a positive impression.
  • Gratitude reinforcement: Expressing gratitude reinforces positive behavior in the person who extended the kindness, encouraging them to continue their thoughtful actions.
  • Formal occasions: Thank you notes are still commonly used for formal occasions, such as after receiving gifts for weddings, birthdays, baby showers, or other significant events.
  • Professional settings: In professional settings, sending thank you notes after job interviews, receiving mentorship or guidance, or after collaborating on projects can leave a lasting positive impression on colleagues and supervisors.
  • Networking: Sending thank you notes after networking events or when someone has provided you with valuable advice or assistance can help strengthen professional relationships.

Overall, thank you notes serve as a meaningful way to express gratitude and can make a positive impact in both personal and professional relationships. While other forms of communication may be used, the sincerity and thoughtfulness behind a well-written thank you note remain valued and appreciated by many.

Gratitude Works Both Ways

Sitting and writing thank you notes is so up lifting for both parties. Yes, we love to be recognized, but expressing gratitude is joyful and we feel this from the inside out.

Writing Thank You Notes Can Be a Creative Outlet

I love going to stationary stores. The colors, beautiful papers (both wrapping and cards) are a delight to the senses.

You can express yourself when choosing your note cards. Are you colorful, more of a minimalist, playful and witty? The choices today are endless.

You can buy boxed cards or have yours personalized. 

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