Etiquette Certification FAQ

Answers to a few frequently asked questions about the Manners To Go™ Etiquette Certification Program.

How much does the certification cost and how long is the term?
The program is $2,900. The two-day Immersion program is $6,400. You have the right to use the curriculum for three years.

Do I owe any fees during the three years?
No, you do not owe fees or royalties during this period. This is a “License and Certification” agreement, not a franchise.

Do I name my own business?
Yes, you name and own your business.

Can I use and leverage the Manners To Go brand on my website?
Yes. Once you are certified, you will receive a certification button and logo from Manners To Go to signify and confirm that you are aligned with our company. You may also link to the Manners To Go website and reference our partnership in your copy.

Do you offer exclusive rights?
Yes, we do offer exclusive rights to geographic areas. Of course, this is an expanded option and fee. Contact us directly for more information.

Once I am certified, may I still receive assistance?
Absolutely, we want your business to be successful. We are here to assist and offer guidance.

Do I receive updates and revisions to the curriculum?
Yes, when the materials are revised and updated, you will receive new downloads.

How am I trained?
Along with the Manners To Go™ curriculum you receive four, one-hour private sessions with Lisa Richey. The calls are “live” video or telephone calls. The focus of these sessions are on you and your new business. With each call, you receive marketing guides for an in-depth discussion. These calls are one of the most valuable aspects of the program and certification. You schedule the training sessions according to your availability.

Where can I teach the Manners To Go program?
The opportunities are endless but here are popular venues to teach:

  • After school programs
  • School assemblies or in the public, charter or private school classroom
  • Preschools or daycare facilities
  • Girl and Boy Scout troops
  • Country clubs
  • Private instruction for families
  • Tea rooms
  • Hotels
  • Birthday Parties
  • Charm School

More details and information are given in the marketing materials. Also, included are examples of winning proposals that will ensure you represent yourself and the Manners To Go brand professionally.

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