What Are Good Manners in the Elementary School Classroom and Why They Are Needed

Do elementary school students need to learn good manners?  Is it still useful for students to learn good social skills?  Are you the one that needs to teach this?  Do you even have the time?

These might be the questions you are asking yourself about now.

Trust me, your students need you to show them how to not be socially awkward or uncomfortable.

When you teach manners and life skills in your classroom, you add a great deal of value to the lives of your students.

Here is how they feel when using good manners:

  • More confident
  • Self-assured
  • Empathy for others
  • Pride in showing their parents that they know how to use their good manners
  • Better manners in everyday life outside the classroom
  • Happier and healthy
  • Friendlier

Activities to Teach Manners in Elementary School

Today, I am sharing an activity/lesson plan that you can easily easily teach in your classroom. In fact, if you click on the image below, you can download the specific manners lesson plan.

I believe when we set a goals or intention we need to understand our “why” behind it. This lesson plan will help your students understand the “why” we use our good manners everyday – in public, at at home, with others and especially in your classroom.

This is a fun activity and one that can take only five minutes – or more. You choose.

Your students can engage in a conversation, answer as a group or write down their answers independently.

Free Manners Lesson Plan
Free Etiquette Lesson Plan
Activity for Etiquette at School

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