NEW Parenting Manners Book: An Interview with the Authors

New Parenting Book on Manners: An Interview with the Authors

A new book, Modern Manners for Moms and Dads: Practical Parenting Solutions for Sticky Social Situations is being released this week.  This is a must read for parents and teachers.

I am thrilled I had the chance to interview them yesterday.  They are smart and savvy moms that share real-life experiences in their new book.

This is not your grandmother’s parenting book. Their book deals with issues on guiding young children in today’s hectic and ever-changing world.

From birthday parties to how to ask children if it is ok to post their pictures on your social media, all the questions you ponder as a parent or teacher are answered.

And some of their answers may surprise you.

Take time to make a latte or a cup of tea and enjoy as I interview them about all things sticky when out and about in your daily life with young children.

Yes, we get a bit nerdy about social skills but I promise you will learn so much that you can share with children, spouses and other teachers.

Here is a link to the videos, Part 1

A link to Part 2:

To purchase a copy of the book and to visit Evie and Sarah’s website, click here Modern Manners for Moms and Dads: Practical Parenting Solutions for Sticky Social Situations.

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Teaching Manners in the Preschool Classroom

Teaching Manners in the Preschool Classroom

Teaching manners in the preschool classroom:  During the preschool years, manners are a critical element of a child’s education. This is a time of discovery for the preschooler.  Teaching manners in the classroom and at home needs to be routine. Preschoolers pick up on a teacher or parent that is polite and at ease in life.  Keep reading as this article is about teaching manners in a fun and creative way for both teachers and parents.

Tips to Teach Manners in the Preschool Classroom

Lesson plan introductions

how to start etiquette business

Empathy: We have the ability to feel what other’s are feeling.  This must be taught with intention in the preschool classroom.  When the situation arises in your classroom, offer praise when someone shares or understands with another student’s feelings are hurt. The ability to empathize is the foundation for respect and self-respect.

Snowmen - It's cool to be kind

become etiquette consultant

Please, Thank You and Excuse Me:  These magical words are the basis of good behavior and communication skills.  In your classroom, use these words often and when a child uses them, praise the child.  The preschool years are the perfect time to start with basic conversation skills.  Teaching when to have a conversation and how to ask questions is important.

If they absolutely must interrupt, show them how to say “excuse me”. Tell them how it makes others feel when they interrupt.

Meet and Greet:  Start the day with “good morning”.  Many schools around the world, start with a handshake. This is a big part of our culture in the US.  It is how we greet people.  A handshake shows leadership and confidence.  Teach this.  Start while they are young.

Manners Certification: How to Become Certified and Trained

Table Setting

Basic Table Manners: Wow, is this one is important!  The basics: chew with your mouth closed, do not talk with food in your mouth and place your napkin in your lap.  Serve food that requires a fork. Teach them how to hold a fork correctly.

Manners Certification

Using Manners in Public Places: Expand a child’s horizons.  Take them to museums, out to the park and to parties. Teach them to use their “indoor voice”, not to complain or whine, and to follow the group while on a school activity.

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Party Manners: Being social is fun and so important at this age.  In your classroom, have parties and teach them many of the life skills mentioned above.  You can teach greetings, how to share, how to have a conversation and basic grooming skills.

Self respect worksheet

Would You Like to Learn More About Teaching Manners and Basic Life Skills in Your Classroom?

We are a full service company offering lesson plans for preschools to teach manners and social skills.  Our programs are taught around the world in the preschool classroom.  As an early childhood educator, you understand how important it is to teach your students how to behave appropriately in different social situations. Any child, no matter how young, is capable of learning basic etiquette and social skills, such as greetings, introductions, table manners, saying please and thank you, listening when others are talking, and showing respect to others. The Manners To Go™ Preschool curriculum makes it fun and easy for you to teach these skills to your students and prepare them for success in elementary school.

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