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Become Certified to Teach Manners to Children


Are you interested in learning more about how you can start your business teaching manners and character to children?

You are in the right place.

The Manners To Go™ Certification Training Program Will Teach You How to Launch a Successful Business Helping Children Create Brighter Futures for Themselves

Do you have a passion for teaching manners to children?

Would you like the freedom and flexibility of owning your business – and making good money working when you want and for whom you want?

Most importantly, do you believe that good manners play a key role in creating a positive impression and open the door to opportunities that make it easier for young people to get ahead in life?

If your answer to all three questions is yes, then the following opportunity is for you.

I am currently accepting a limited number of students into my Manners To Go™ Certification program.


You will receive all the tools, training, and resources you need to teach proper etiquette to children of all ages in a variety of learning environments:

  • Large-group settings (school assemblies)
  • Classrooms (preschool to college)
  • One-on-one with personal clients
  • Youth groups or youth organizations

Are you interested in learning more about how you can start your business teaching manners and character to children?


You are in the right place. There are two training options to choose from:

"Live" Video Training Program

Become Certified by Manners To Go™
“Live” Training Sessions via Video
Skype, FaceTime, GoToMeeting or Phone


Cost $2,900 


2-Day Enhanced Immersion Program

Join Lisa Richey in person for two powerful days of exclusive one-on-one training and mentorship in the major U.S. city of your choice.  Includes NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, Dallas and Los Angeles

Cost $6,400


We are honored to have outstanding reviews who can personally attest to the power of the program.

“Lisa Richey’s “Manners To Go” certification program provides a highly efficient and effective training program for anyone considering starting a manners and etiquette business. I selected Mrs. Richey’s program because of her virtual delivery method of training. Her lesson plans and student handouts were easy to download and review before engaging in her one-on-one, business related conference calls. During each training call, Lisa was very focused in conveying her business strategies she has proven to be successful over the years. The “Manners To Go” certification program is really a “best value” program considering her efficient use of the virtual delivery method of training. The quality of teaching materials and the interactive business calls with her provided the necessary steps to make teaching manners successful.

Aleta Greenspan

Etiquette Consultant, 2018, Manners for Life, LLC

“I was looking for charm school type material for my after school program for girls, and came upon the Manners To Go website. It was like finding a treasure trove of “what-to-do(s)” and “how-to-do(s)” on manners for children. It was more that I could have imagined finding. Lisa’s example of a weekend as a Manners To Go Consultant, on her website, was what helped me decide to become a certified and licensed consultant. It is, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made. In receiving my MTG training, Lisa provided every tool and resource needed to become a successful MTG Consultant…Lisa’s Manners To Go is a great product, and it is a joy working with her!”

Lindafaye, N.

Etiquette Consultant, 2015

Manners To Go delivers! I regret not getting started sooner. The investment is modest for the quantity and caliber of materials you receive, not to mention the personal coaching from Lisa. The curriculum is age appropriately structured and organized in an easy to study format that positions you to execute your lesson confidently prepared. If you have a passion for equipping young people in etiquette, Manners To Go, is the way to go!

Alissa R.

Etiquette Consultant, 2016

Lisa Richey

Lisa Richey, Award-Winning Business Etiquette Trainer

This experience and oh-so-rewarding journey has meant more to me than building a brand or a company.

It has become a beautiful opportunity to spend time with others that are like-minded, who want to take control of their future and to launch a business for the good of society. I am so proud of the testimonials about the curriculum from others that I have trained and certified to teach the Manners To Go program.

Building this brand and launching my own business has allowed me so many opportunities to travel to faraway and exciting places.  From Oklahoma to the Middle East, I have taught social skills and confidence to thousands.  You can do this, too.


Keep reading and I will tell you how I got started.

My career started with Speedo, which led me to Levi Strauss and then to Club Corp.  I was promoted along the way and so very thankful for my corporate experience. As I was admiring a Kate Spade handbag one day, I noticed a card inside which told Kate’s story.  I was so inspired and hoped that one that I could own my own business.  It happened!

I have spoken on business etiquette to companies such as Deloitte, Ernest and Young, Siemens, Columbia University and the Ministry of Bahrain. Additionally, I teach the Manners To Go™ program to schools, both public and private. Eloise at The Plaza hosts me to teach afternoon tea and manners to their international clientele. Celebrities retain me to teach their children in the privacy of their homes.

Manners To Go has been featured in The New York Times, Fox Business News, Parents Magazine, and Better Homes and Gardens.

Are you interested in expanding your experiences? Would you like to make a difference in society and launch a business that you love? Email Manners To Go or we can set a time to speak by phone.

Lisa, I am so happy I found you. I’ve wanted to teach kids etiquette for years, but never had the time to research all the material and then figure out how to teach it. With your Manners To Go program, I now have the perfect program to start my business. You delivered exactly what you promised: excellent support and a turnkey system. Thank you for making it easy and fun! It was truly an honor to be trained by someone of your caliber and experience, who was willing to share “everything you know, do, and use” with me. I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to teach children’s etiquette!”


Sandra E.

Etiquette Consultant 2014

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