Teach Children How to Use Good Manners in Public

Isn’t it special when you see children out and about and they are carrying on, laughing and having fun with their friends?

As adults, sometimes we may look at them and think…wow, I wish I had all that energy!

You know first hand how it feels to be kind, gracious and outgoing in public places. It makes us feel good when we can cheerfully greet someone either by using good eye contact or shaking someone’s hand.

We understand what it feels like to make eye contact with someone and say “good morning”.

Children benefit from someone pointing these simple gestures out and explaining how and why these acts of kindness and confidence matters.

How to Teach Manners to Children

Practical Points to Teach Manners to Children

Eye Contact:  This simple act makes a world of difference for so many children.  Try this: if you have younger children (ages 3-6), kneel down to their level (yes, on your knees) and look them directly in the eye and speak to them.  Watch children light up when you do this.  Show them what it means to make good eye contact.  

Ask them how it feels.  Explain to them how others feel when they receive good eye contact. Others feel respected and heard.

Greetings:  What a difference a day makes when someone greets you with a “good morning”.  Teach children to say “hello” to those they run into during their time out and about.

Excuse Me:  If you bump into someone, say “excuse me”.  Make eye contact as you are saying it so the other person knows you are sincere.

Hold the Door Please:  As you are exiting or entering a building, hold the door for the other person.  Have you ever had a child do this for you?  It is endearing and memorable.  This gesture teaches respect and deference.

Gratitude:  Expressing appreciation is the highest form of respect.  There are so many ways to show gratitude.  A very important step is to say “thank you” often during the day.  

At Manners To Go, we believe every child deserves to learn good manners.  Everyone loves to feel confident in social situations.


That is why we have this free video lesson for you.  Click here or the image below if you would like to teach children how to hold their fork correctly. 
How To Hold a Fork Correctly - manners lesson for parents

We promise, you will have a more pleasant experience in the school cafeteria or during family meals.

What else would you like to learn about teaching manners?

Manners To Go has been in your home and classroom for over 20 years!

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