Free Virtual Afternoon Tea Instruction

Free Virtual Afternoon Tea Instruction

Mother’s Day is so special. Why not spend quality time with your family and learn all about afternoon tea?

During this afternoon tea instruction you will learn:

The history of tea

How to hold a teacup (you might be surprised)

How to eat a scone (hint, not as if you were eating a sandwich)

Milk in first or last

How to stir (this might surprise you too)

How to set a “tea” table

Napkin etiquette

And so much more

DATES: Thursday, May 6 | 4:00 pm EDT

Saturday, May 8 | 4:00 pm EDT

This event is complimentary. We so appreciate your support over the years.


  1. Mark the dates on your calendar (choose either date)
  2. Look for our next email with a registration link
  3. Invite family and friends
  4. Once we receive your name and email, a follow-up Zoom link will be sent
Virtual Afternoon Tea Instruction
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Etiquette Certification and Pleasures of Tea

Etiquette Certification and Pleasures of Tea

Oh, the pleasures of afternoon tea.  Can you relate?

I bet if you are interested in etiquette certification, then you understand the benefits and pleasures of afternoon tea.

If you listed out your top 5 favorite ways to relax and enjoy life, would afternoon tea be on your list?

If not, what in the world!  You need to add this to your list.

Trust me.

So much can be learned and created over afternoon tea.

I can remember my first “real” adult tea.  I was invited by a girlfriend to have tea at The Ritz Carlton in Atlanta. 
The tea was life changing!  Truly.  Afternoon tea has been a ritual of mine ever since that day when I was a young lady in my twenties…newly married and starting my career.

I can remember the music, the setting and my very first scone.  I grew up in the south and tea was served over ice and very sweet and served during most every meal. It was the gold standard.

And sitting down at The Ritz with all the beautiful things…tea pots, white glove service and the prettiest petit fours – life changed.

Can you remember certain moments like this in your life?  If so, do share.  Send an email to me and let me know.  I am all ears!

Here is How You Can Incorporate Afternoon Tea into Your Daily Life

Relax and Enjoy a Cup: You don’t need your task list or an excuse to have a cup of tea.  Take a quiet moment for yourself and be with your thoughts.  Simple sit and enjoy.  Use your favorite cup or mug.  I like to use a a teacup to make it a bit more special during this dedicated time. And yes, I switch out my favorite tea cups depending on my mood.

Favorite Indulgence: Now is the time to enjoy that special chocolate you have been thinking about.  Like wine, you can pair tea with many of your favorite treats.  And adding chocolate to this special time is one of my absolute favorite ways to have a cup of tea. 

Creativity: Make a pot of tea, take out your favorite teacup and sit with your notepad and let your imagination go down many different paths.  There is something about a cup of tea that sparks many ideas. If you have a project….work related or any other type of endeavor- brain storm with a cup of tea. If you are thinking about becoming certified to teach etiquette, now is the time to get your creative juices flowing.

Journal:  Journaling is a meaningful way to spend your time.  Whether it is a gratitude list or anything else that is on your mind-get your thoughts in paper. Of course, with a cup of tea.

Etiquette Certification and Pleasures of Tea

When you become certified to teach etiquette to children, teaching charm school and afternoon tea becomes a popular request from parents and other organization like Girl Scout Troops and Jack and Jill Clubs of America.

Here is a FREE Guide to Help YOU Start a Business Teaching Manners to Children


6 Things Needed to start an etiquette business

Here Are Your Next Steps

Step 1

Get to Know Manners To Go™

Most likely, you will want to get to know us. Feel free to call or email us. Click on the links below. We are happy to discuss the details with you.

Step 2

Decide on the best training option for you

We offer two trainings to become certified to teach manners to children:

Professional Consultant Certification - Live video training

Option #1:

“Live” Video Training

If you are looking to start immediately and save money on travel and time, then this is your best option.You choose the dates of our trainings. Most choose to have their sessions once a week, others twice. This is a “live” and private training. It is NOT self-guided.

2 Day Etiquette Certificate Training

Option #2:

Two-Day In-Person

PRIVATE Training.  That’s right, we meet in person, the two of us and our focus is completely on your business.  Click the image above or follow the button below to learn more and to see a list of cities available for your training.

Step 3

Receive the curriculum and book your training dates

Upon payment, you receive the curriculum. Next, we will send an email asking you to schedule your first training date.

Manners To Go Lesson Plans for Teachers

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Manners To Go™ movement with Lisa Richey.

3 Incredible Reasons to Become an Etiquette Coach

3 Incredible Reasons to Become an Etiquette Coach

If you become an etiquette coach, you’ll enjoy a challenging and rewarding career. You’ll get to be creative and work in your passion every single day!

Curious? If running your own business and making a lasting impact on children appeals to you, read on. 

Here are the biggest benefits of becoming an etiquette coach!

What Is An Etiquette Coach?

In a second, we’ll dive into specific reasons you should consider becoming an etiquette coach. But first, let’s cover the basics of what an etiquette coach actually does! 

To start, throw out the Hollywood image of an etiquette coach teaching ladies to balance books on their heads. 

There is so much more to the world of etiquette coaching than teaching people which fork to use. While that’s certainly part of it, manners aren’t the only thing you’ll cover in your sessions!

An etiquette coach is responsible for teaching children and teenagers how to better navigate the world around them. Under your tutelage, children learn how to form lasting relationships, and how to be upstanding members of society.

It doesn’t stop there, though. 

You’ll teach children to communicate their needs and respond gracefully to others. That means you’re preparing them to be successful in both their private and professional lives. 

Being an etiquette coach is rewarding work that will challenge and fulfill you every day.

3 Reasons to Consider Becoming an Etiquette Coach

Being an etiquette coach comes with so many benefits! 

It would be impossible to list them all here, so I’ve narrowed it down to the three best reasons to look into a career as an etiquette coach.

You Get To Work For Yourself

Being an etiquette coach isn’t just about teaching people manners. It’s also about becoming an entrepreneur who experiences all of the benefits of working for yourself.

Becoming an entrepreneur can be one of the most fulfilling aspects of this job. It’s certainly been valuable for me!

Life as an entrepreneur has its challenges, but it’s also amazing—and changes you for the better.

You get to earn your own money doing something that you’re proud of. More importantly, you’ll spend every day working towards what YOU truly want.

As an entrepreneur, you have complete control over your business. This is so unlike a corporate job, where you’re beholden to someone else’s goals. 

You get to build your own business, making every decision along the way. You’re the one who decides everything, from how you present yourself to the colors featured on your website! 

It’s all you.

Building your own business as an etiquette coach gives you the freedom to shine, connect, and educate!

You’ll Experience Flexibility and Unique Opportunities

As an etiquette coach and entrepreneur, your daily life becomes rich with opportunities. You’ll be able to diversify your experience, broaden your horizons, and even literally travel the world.

When you’re building your own business as an etiquette coach, you are the boss! You create your own schedule. You decide when your working hours are and when you can devote time to your friends and family.

When you are working, you’ll never be bored.

There’s always a project to create or skills to teach. As you’re growing your business, you will find so many things to learn it will keep you on your toes. There are so many relevant skills you can spend your time mastering. 

This is especially true when you own a business teaching manners to children. You’ll constantly learn and need to keep up with what’s new, relevant, and exciting. As society changes, you’ll need to pivot in your business, too.

Don’t worry—this keeps your life exciting! You have so much freedom to be creative in your work and bring the world of etiquette to life for your students.

 Another benefit of this career path is that you aren’t tied to a single location. This is a job you can do from anywhere in the world! You have the flexibility to work on the seaside in Thailand or from a resort in Switzerland.

You’ll Support Children and Families & Directly Impact Their Lives

Etiquette coaches directly interact with their clients and impact their lives. At Manners to Go, we believe every child deserves to learn manners. 

Honestly, there’s nothing quite like seeing a child light up when they fully grasp a manners principle! 

Children have been spending so much time interacting with the world through their screens. Etiquette coaches are needed now more than ever to help children understand how to make real human connections. Children need to learn how to build relationships and friendships offline.

And there is nothing like seeing children learn. You will regularly interact with kids whose lives you are changing. Seeing a child light up when he learns to make eye contact, make an introduction, or set the table is heartwarming. Truly, this is the best part of being an etiquette coach and teaching manners!

As an etiquette coach, you have a unique opportunity to give back to society and to your community. You’ll be able to make a direct impact while doing something that lights YOU up!

As an etiquette coach, every day brings me a new challenge to overcome and a new way to explore my creative side. 

I have the freedom and flexibility to work when and where I want, making a real difference in people’s lives. 

Do you want to work for yourself and leave a lasting impact on the people around you? Then a career as an etiquette coach just might be perfect for you!

3 Incredible Reasons to Consider Becoming an Etiquette Coach | Manners to Go
Incredible reasons for becoming an etiquette coach
Etiquette Experts, Add This Book to Your List

Etiquette Experts, Add This Book to Your List

Dr. Borba, “We Need to Teach Children How to be Human”

You may have seen Michele Borba, ED.D. on the Today Show giving parenting advice. As an etiquette expert, you will want to add this book to your reading list.

I was lucky enough to see her speak at a school in Philadelphia.  You can tell she is the EXPERT and one of the most passionate advocates for children and teens.

If you have not seen her, spend some time on You Tube to see and witness what I mean.

If You Are Currently Teaching Manners to Children or Waiting in the Wings, You Will Want to Add This Book to Your Reading List.

Thrivers: The Surprising Reason Why Some Kids Struggle and Other Shine 

Dr. Borba says Thrivers are made not born.

Teach Manners and Character

Even before the pandemic, children were stressed, lonely and overwhelmed.  According to Dr. Borba, we have focused so much on testing and being competitive, we have lost touch and not taught children how to be human.

When I read this….it caused a moment of pause. It is a profound statement and one I believe to be true.

Here is the good news.  Character strengths can and must be taught to children. Character strengths are as important as academic success. 

Dr. Borba Lists Character Strengths As:

  • Self-Confidence
  • Empathy
  • Self-Control
  • Integrity
  • Curiosity
  • Perservance
  • Optimism

The book is filled with proven strategies you can easily teach children from preschool through high school.

I like how Dr. Borba gives us ideas on how to weave these skills into our everyday lives.  We don’t always need worksheets or lectures. 

By reading this book, we learn how to find meaningful ways to nurture the seven character strengths by modeling, discussing and pointing them out.

I do hope you add this book to your “etiquette” library.

As always, thanks for reading and being a part of the manners movement.

You Can Start out with Authority as an Etiquette Coach

You Can Start out with Authority as an Etiquette Coach

This may surprise you but it does not take long as an etiquette coach to get established and create authority. 

Creating authority is important in the world of etiquette speakers, experts and coaches.  And it is easy – especially now that we have access to social media.

How to Establish Yourself as an Etiquette Coach When First Starting Your Business?

Etiquette Coaches Communicate with Their New Audience: 

Start with social media. This is absolutely free! You can start a Facebook page and post your thoughts and observations.  As you read articles that are relevant, comment and post them on your social media platforms.

This is a lifestyle business.  As you are out with your children or grandchildren, post about your adventures out in your everyday life.  

Etiquette Coaches Offer to Write Articles for Media Resources

You are an expert that can provide valuable information for teachers, parents and leaders in your community.  Look for ways to help by contributing articles to local parenting magazines, online news, and printed media.  Pitch your story to local news stations.

As an Etiquette Coach, What Do You Have in Common with Your Audience

You know parents are so happy and interested in having their children grow up kind, smart, happy and well-adjusted adults.  Educators are happy to have you share not only your passion but your knowledge within their schools virtually and in-person.  

Think about what you have in common with your audience when writing the about page/bio on your website. Communicate your commonalities when you are introducing yourself to others. This takes practice and intention.  Write down your thoughts and ideas.

The 6 things I wish I had known when starting my etiquette business free guide

Here is an article I wrote about how to introduce yourself as an etiquette expert.

Etiquette Coaches Draw from their Previous Experiences 

All of our current licensees have varied backgrounds.  We have teachers, engineers, grandmothers, mothers, human resource managers and event planners.  You have transferable skills that make a difference. Trust me, the world needs what you have to offer.

Etiquette Coaches Show Authority by Recognizing Their Value

I tell my licensees not to give away their expertise for free. However, there are times when starting your business, where offering a class pro-bono is at times a good idea.  It gives you experience and at the same time helps an organization or a non-profit.

Shift Your Mindset

You are the expert. Think of yourself as one. This tips is absolutely the most important one on this list.  You must feel like an authority on etiquette issues from the inside.

As an Etiquette Expert, This Will BE one of the Most Popular Topics Requested by Teachers and Parents

As an Etiquette Expert, This Will BE one of the Most Popular Topics Requested by Teachers and Parents

Conversation skills are one of the most popular topics to teach as etiquette expert.

Parents want their children to have this as a life skill. Teachers see the need in the classroom – both virtually and in-person.

Corporations are shocked their new hires are lacking this skill.

Schools are re-opening.  As an etiquette expert waiting in the wings, are you prepared?  Do you know how to teach conversation skills?  Do you have ideas on how to role-play this with students from preschool to high school?

Why Are Conversation Skills So Important for Etiquette Coaches to Teach?

The human connection has never been so important.  We need it.  Children need it.  Many of us have taken it for granted. 

Many schools are re-opening.  Parents are looking for ways to supplement their children’s education. Yesterday, I was able to connect  a parent looking for a private instruction for her seven-year-old daughter to one of our licensees.

Teachers and schools are looking for outsiders to provide content and programming either virtually or in-person.

Teaching Conversation Skills Are Important Because:

  • Parents want their children to learn life skills and manners to function as healthy happy adults
  • Children needs these skills to cultivate friendships
  • Children feel confident when they are able to connect and participate socially
  • Conversation skills allow us to self-express
  • We can share our sense of humor through our conversations
  • We make a human connection through conversation

As An Etiquette Coach Here is How You Teach Conversation Skills

Isn’t it special to have someone be fully present with you- especially with all the distractions we have today?  To have a conversation with an adult or a child is something to behold these days…a conversation without interruptions or to look down at our phone. 

My most popular topic when teaching business etiquette in the workplace is The Art of the Human Connection. The art of having a conversation, is a lost “art”.  We are so consumed with social media that often we are so buried in it we miss out on so many opportunities.  Often, it is the first request I have from a human resource director to discuss the basic skills of conversation to their team.

Take time to have conversations.  Life is fuller when you have this social skill.  You actually become interesting.  A child learns so much about life when they hear adults engaged in a conversation.

5 Tips to Teach Children to Have a Conversation
  1. Eye contact: This is a social skill that is so very important.  By making eye contact, it shows someone that you are interested.  It sends a message that you are confident.  Point this out to a child.  Explain why this is important.  Take the opportunity to talk about confidence and how it feels.  Get on their level.  Literally!  Get down on your knees if necessary and make eye contact with them.  
  2. Teach children to listen to others: Another important social skill is to listen. Tell them it is alright for there to be silence when having a conversation.  This is the time to practice sharing-sharing the space to tell ideas and experiences.
  3. Ask questions:  By asking questions, you show others that you are interested in their experiences. Ask a child questions.  Explain to them that you are having a conversation. Encourage your clients to try this around the family meal.  
  4. Phone skills:  The Wall Street Journal  had an article about answering the phone.  Remember when we were growing up and we took messages for our parents?  With smart phones, this most likely is not happening. This was a great way to teach conversation skills.  It is still important for children to know how to answer a phone and converse.  Practice with them during your manners class.  Turn on your speaker phone so your children can hear your conversations. 
  5. Read a story.  After reading a story, talk about it with your students..  Did they like the story?  What was their favorite part?  

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