Six Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting My Etiquette Business

Six Things I Wish I Had Known When Starting My Etiquette Business

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Our Client List Sets Us Apart

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Lisa Richey sitting with a new licensee

Are you the one who wants it all – the one who is ready to go all in with a new business endeavor?

Two businesses – one teaches children, the other, allows you to speak to corporations of all sizes, both in-person and virtually.

We are ready when you are.

Successful licensees around the world learn from our expert training, marketing guides, PowerPoints, and an all-inclusive curriculum.

We promise, you will be proud to speak and train from our materials.

The materials are vast. The materials address the latest in a world that is constantly changing. The materials are modern.

Included in the Dual Certification

Children’s Etiquette Certification

  • Manners To Go curriculum for grade levels PreK-High School (over 1000
    pages and includes suggested dialogue for each module)
  • Illustrated handouts to create customized activity books for your students
  • All training and marketing guides
  • Templates for writing proposals
  • Marketing guidance
  • Legal forms and contract templates
  • Suggested reading materials
  • Direction on how to name your business
  • Videos of Manners To Go class in action
  • Dining tutorials (customized recordings)
  • Training on all topics included
  • In-person option includes lunch and coffee during training
  • Depending on your selection, ongoing training during term
  • Materials translated into Spanish (all grade levels)
  • Certification of Completion (printed and logo certification for website)
  • Updates and revisions during your term as a licensee

Business Etiquette Certification

  • The American Academy of Etiquette’s curriculum for eight modules and
    speaking topics
  • Customizable curriculum for printable/downloadable guidebooks for audience/participants
  • Training on how to become a speaker and or corporate trainer
  • Marketing guides
  • Templates for writing proposals
  • Contract templates
  • PowerPoints branded to coordinate with guidebooks
  • Suggested resources
  • Tools needed to become a speaker/trainer
  • Suggested fees to charge as a speaker/corporate trainer
  • Training on how to market yourself as a speaker

What is the Cost of the Dual Certification?

"Live" Video Training


3-Day Experience


Training Options for


We offer multiple training options to become certified and trained.

3-Day In-Person Training"Live" Video Training

3 Day In-Person Option

Our 3-day in-person option is an unforgettable experience. I invite you to an exclusive opportunity to focus entirely on you and your new business.

Meet me in a beautiful location (we do the planning) and sit with me as I teach you everything you need to know about the business of teaching manners to children and becoming a speaker and corporate trainer.

You receive a curriculum package that is designed to be comprehensive and easy to use. You will be proud to align with our brand.

Business Etiquette Training session

I share marketing strategies that have allowed The American Academy of Etiquette to become the #1 leading resource in the world of etiquette.

Together we create a vision for your business.

The training is unforgettable – some have said it was life-changing and much more than they ever expected.

You choose the city in which you want this training and we mutually agree upon the date. Our trainings take place in locations such as The Ritz Carlton, The Grand Bohemian, and luxurious dining clubs across the US.

The above is included in the fee. You are responsible for your travel and overnight (if necessary) expenses.

Lisa Richey live video training session

“Live” Video Training Option

Video training has become very popular. This training feels as if you are sitting across the desk from me.

We use the Zoom platform. This allows me to be direct to the camera with you. You will also see the curriculum and PowerPoints on our screen (via a screen share) during the training.

Your dining tutorials with be recorded which is a plus as you will be able to refer to them as needed.

Most choose to be fully immersed in the training and schedule sessions for two hours at a time. Allow for 6- 8 (12-16 hours) sessions. With our dual “video” certification, you receive ongoing support for one year during the license term.

Learn With Lisa

Armed with tremendous experience (from speaking and my corporate background) and created for those with all levels of experience no matter where you are on the journey, my curriculum and topics will show you the ropes and help you build a business with a proven strategy.

A Book for Your Etiquette Library at Home 

A Book for Your Etiquette Library at Home 

As a certified etiquette expert, you will want an extensive library at home that includes books on manners for children.   This book caught my attention as I was shopping in a beautiful interior design store. Oli and Basil:...

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