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Teaching Children the Proper Manners and Etiquette They Need to Succeed in Life


First impressions matter – at any age.

That’s why good manners and etiquette are so important. When you teach children how to behave courteously and attentively toward others, you equip them with valuable tools that help them thrive in any social scenario. Their self-esteem increases. They are more confident interacting with others, even in unfamiliar situations. They are more likely to leave a lasting positive impression in people’s minds. And it becomes so much easier for them to achieve success in their lives.

Explore our manners and etiquette lessons and training options below to see how you can help children develop the social skills they need to create brighter futures for themselves.

Lisa Richey Teaching Manners to Children

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Lisa Richey Teaching Manners to Children

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Lisa Richey Teaching Manners to Children

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Lisa Richey Teaching Manners to Children

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Our licensees are interesting women who have already accomplished a great deal. Many are in the midst of raising families and some have careers while starting their manners business. Some are teachers and we even have a retired banker. Another is a pediatrician. All of them are passionate about teaching manners to children.

See What Others have to Say

Manners To Go delivers! I regret not getting started sooner. The investment is modest for the quantity and caliber of materials you receive, not to mention the personal coaching from Lisa… If you have a passion for equipping young people in etiquette, Manners To Go, is the way to go!

Alissa R.

Etiquette Consultant, 2016

Our students are excited about the way they feel; more confident, empowered, increased respect for self and others. Teachers and parents began commenting on the positive changes they were seeing and this motivated our young men & ladies to implement more of the ideas they were learning!

Tonja Starritt

Fort Sumner Middle School

Lisa went above and beyond what she promised to deliver.  Her enthusiasm she shares for my business is very reassuring.  I have found a life long mentor.

Michele W.

Etiquette Consultant 2016

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