Thanksgiving Manners: How to Prepare Your Child

When did you fall in love with Thanksgiving?  

Was it memories of a warm bustling kitchen or conversations with belly laughs from cousins you had not seen in a while?  

I bet you want your family to experience this time with those that are near and dear to you.

You have been on my mind and I am here to guide you to a pleasant holiday.

You want your child to have fun and be confident in all the social situations they experience.

That is why I am sharing these pointers and tips with you today.

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Tips from Manners To Go on How To Prepare Your Child for Thanksgiving

Greetings: At Manners To Go, we are big on greetings.  Make eye contact, say hello and smile.

Talk about what you do like:  This goes for food and all the other popular topics. 

When you don’t like something that is being passed: Aunt Sue serves her famous carrot salad with peas on top. Here is how to guide your child in this situation:  tell them to keep passing it….do not give any details as to why they are passing, they can say “no thank you” but that is it.

If the meal is plated and handed to them, tell them to smile, say “thank you” and eat what they like.

Wait:  Wait until the appropriate time to start eating.  This depends on your table, host and if the meal is served as a buffet.  

Napkin:  When seated, have your child place the napkin in their lap.

Which way to pass:  Pass to the right so that everyone is served. 

Gratitude: Oh so important and of course, there are many teachable moments during this holiday.  Have your child express appreciation to the host or family member as they are leaving or after the meal.

More on gratitude and writing thank you notes later.

Enjoy your holiday.

At Manners To Go, We Believe Every Child Deserves the Chance to Learn Good Manners

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