Teaching Manners and the History of AfterSchool Programs in America

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Afterschool programs are an intricate part of our education system.

You will benefit and have a deeper understanding on the history of afterschool programs as you are watching this film.

I was glued and learned so much thanks to Temescal Associates and the How Kids Learn Foundation. A link to the hour long film is below in the Manners To Go Resource Guide.

After care programs for children date back to the late 1880’s. We brought families from our farm lands and other countries to work in our factories.

Settlement houses were started to meet the huge demand for child care.  Immigration labor and women working created a need for child care.  

Fast forward to today and we can no longer think of afterschool programs as a need to reduce crime or keep children off the streets. While after care does meet those needs it is so much more.

What does respect look like?

Afterschool programs offer our youth:

A chance to build skills

Explore their interests outside of the traditional classroom

Socialize with others

Allows for creativity

Levels the playing field for all children

Affordable Lesson Plans to Teach Manners Afterschool and in Your Classroom

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Life Skills | Character Education | Social Emotional Learning

Teaching manners and life skills in your classroom has never been easier. We guide you every step of the way.  At Manners To Go, we help you implement a character building and social skills program into your classroom.,

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Your job is to watch your students transform.

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