Etiquette Certification:  What is the Difference Between A Video and Immersion Training

Here is the reason I am sharing this with you today.  I get questions about the difference in our two training options.

Many ask “what is the difference” between a “live” Video Training versus an “In-Person” Immersion Training

First, let’s learn about the commonalities:

Both training options include:

A three-year license; you do not owe any additional fees during the three year period

You receive all revisions and updates during the license period at no charge

All the on-going support during the three-year period that you could possibly want or need and is included in the fee

Curriculum and lesson plans for all four grade levels

Spanish version in addition to the English version

Training by me, the founder, Lisa Richey

Beautifully and professionally illustrated materials that are modern and relevant; customized for each age group

The absolute best manners/etiquette certification and training available 

Curriculum and lesson plans immediately downloaded to you upon payment

Manners To Go Etiquette Certification Video Training Method:

4 one-hour training sessions via a “live” video link; you choose the dates

Scheduled at your convenience

Manners To Go Etiquette Certification In-Person Immersion Training Method:

We spend an intense two days together in-person.  You receive approximately 12-14 hours of training encompassing two days. Overall, we spend two full days together. 

We mutually agree on a destination (city) and date for your training.

You observe me teaching a manners class in-person.  An array of modules are taught to children of multiple ages. Many times this is in a public school setting, after school program or non-profit,

You have the chance to see children participating in the role-playing activities that we are known for in the education arena.

You have the chance to have your dining tutorials in-person.  We will spend time together over multiple meals.  The meals we have together are included in the fee.

Which training suits you?  It depends on how you like to learn.  If you like a personal touch and a human connection, then choose the Immersion Training.

Are you looking to get certified, save time and money?  Then you may want to consider the video option.

Either way, we promise, you will receive an excellent experience. 

How can we help you?  We offer you a free 15 minute phone call to get to know us.

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Here is a FREE guide to help you get started. It is a guide on “Six Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting My Etiquette Business”.  

I trust you will find this guide very helpful as you begin down the path to becoming an etiquette expert.

Click here or the image below:

Etiquette Certification by Manners To Go

To learn more about our training options, click each of the images below:


Professional Consultant Certification - Live video training

Manners To Go In-Person Immersion Training

2 Day Etiquette Certificate Training

No other certification training even comes close.

We are here to help you achieve big results so that you can make a difference with youth AND build a business that you absolutely love.

Step 1

Most likely, you will want to get to know us.  Feel free to call or email us.  Click on the links below.  We are happy to discuss the details with you.

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Step 2

Decide what is the best training option for you.

We offer two trainings for to become certified to teach manners to children:

Option #1:  “Live” Video Training:  If you are looking to start immediately and save money on travel and time, then this is your best option.  You choose the dates of our trainings. Most choose to have their sessions once a week, others twice.  

Option #2:  2-Day In-Person PRIVATE Training.  That’s right, we meet in person, the two of us and our focus is completely on your business.  You also have to opportunity to observe me teaching a class.  Head over to our website or click the image below to learn more and to see a list of cities available for your training.

Step 3

Receive the curriculum and book your training dates. Upon payment, you receive the curriculum. Next, we will send an email asking you to schedule your first training date. 

Manners To Go Links and Resource Guide

Teaching Manners Afterschool When You Are Certified and Trained

Etiquette Immersion Training with Manners To Go

Manners To Go Licensee Becomes Trained and Certified to Teach Children




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