How to Become a Certified Etiquette Consultant

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Do you have a dream of starting a business of teaching manners to children? 

I can promise you it is a rewarding experience.  Schools, troops, parents, athletic coaches and our youth need you.

There will never be a better time to start this business than right now.

If you have been thinking about starting this business then you owe it to yourself to take the smallest baby step in the right direction.

Etiquette Certification Natasha Jonesn.

The difference between those who stay stuck and those who become certified are the ones that take the road to the proven path.  They decide to go with a complete “everything done for you system”.

Here is a sneak peak about at what you will learn and receive from us to get you started:

  • Preschool
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • College Programs
  • Training manuals for each grade level (1000+ pages total)
  • Easy-to-use lesson plans that state the objective, activities, items needed and room set-up for each topic
  • Suggested dialogue for you to use while teaching
  • Role-playing activities for each lesson
  • Coloring pages for students aged 4-6
  • Ready-to-use handouts that are beautifully illustrated and age appropriate
  • Updates to the curriculum
  • Video of classes in action
  • Tips on how to customize the curriculum to different audiences

You will also receive valuable marketing advice and resources to help launch and grow your business once you have completed the training:

  • Proposal templates for different organizations (country clubs, girl scout troops, schools, private clients)
  • Website and social media assistance
  • Business contract templates; such as Photo and Video Release Forms and Health and History Forms
  • Marketing resources for your clients to use
  • Tips on developing a strong online presence
  • Assistance on naming your business

… and so much more.

Take the next step and contact us.  This is your next baby step.  Schedule a call with us.  You may also send an email. 

Click your preferred method below.

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PS:  There is something you need to know.  Everything I share is based on my real life experience of starting a business from scratch.  I started in a new city, newly married and I did not know anyone! 

I can teach and show you absolutely everything you need to know.

You will learn my proven strategies that you can implement right away.  We believe in “Fast Starts”. 

Have you watched the video interviews from other new licensees?  Check the “Links and Resources” section below.

Your Next Steps to Become Certified to Teach Manners to Children

Step 1

Most likely, you will want to get to know us.  Feel free to call or email us.  Click on the links below.  We are happy to discuss the details with you.

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Step 2

Decide what is the best training option for you.

We offer two trainings for to become certified to teach manners to children:

Option #1:  “Live” Video Training:  If you are looking to start immediately and save money on travel and time, then this is your best option.  You choose the dates of our trainings. Most choose to have their sessions once a week, others twice.  

Professional Consultant Certification - Live video training

Option #2:  2-Day In-Person PRIVATE Training.  That’s right, we meet in person, the two of us and our focus is completely on your business.  You also have to opportunity to observe me teaching a class.  Head over to our website or click the image below to learn more and to see a list of cities available for your training.

2 Day Etiquette Certificate Training

Step 3

Receive the curriculum and book your training dates. Upon payment, you receive the curriculum. Next, we will send an email asking you to schedule your first training date. 

We are here to help you achieve big results so that you can make a difference with youth AND build a business that you absolutely love.

Today’s video:

Have you downloaded our guide on “Six Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting My Etiquette Business”?

I created this guide with in my mind.  It is a checklist of ways to help you get a FAST START.  Like I said earlier, I procrastinated.  I do not want you to do the same.

I trust you will find this guide very helpful as you begin down the path to becoming an etiquette expert.

Click here or the image to get the guide.

Etiquette Certification by Manners To Go

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