Choosing a brand name for your etiquette business is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

Teaching social etiquette and manners to children is an important position, and you’ll want to make sure that your business reflects those values.  

Why Is Choosing A Brand Name As An Etiquette Expert So Important? 

Introducing your etiquette consulting business to the world may be a little scary. But many people feel that choosing a brand name is the scariest part. 

Why is it so scary? 

Choosing a brand name means choosing the face of your business. People are going to remember names, so you’ll want to make sure that your business name is a memorable one. Your business’ success could really depend on its name. 

But picking a name goes deeper than any regular, old name. By choosing a brand name, you’re creating your brand identity. This is an identity that your clients should connect with and ultimately want to be a part of. 

Your brand name should offer a clear image of who you are. It will shape how your clients see you and let them know what kinds of services you offer. 

The perfect name might not come to you within a couple of minutes of brainstorming. That’s okay! You’ll want to take your time creating the name that’s going to represent your etiquette business best. 

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6 Tips for Successfully Choosing a Brand Name for Your Etiquette Business

With the pressure that accompanies choosing a brand name, it’s difficult to sort out which names are contenders. 

Here are some ways that you can pick the right brand name for your etiquette business.

1. Keep It Clear and Specific

Your brand name should reflect who you are and what you have to offer. That’s why the most important thing you’ll want to do is to make that message clear. 

If your business name is too vague or hard to pronounce, clients may not understand what your business has to offer. As a result, you can lose out on a potential client base. With a loss of clients, your business may not be as successful. 

For example, if you name the business just after yourself (let’s say, Jen’s), how are your clients supposed to know what type of business you are? You could be a grocery store, a hair salon, or even a restaurant. The name shows no indication of the services you provide.  

If your brand name was Jen’s Etiquette Business, clients are going to know what you’re offering immediately—because the name is straight to the point. 

2. Avoid Adding Location-Specific Words 

While it might be creative and trendy to add the name of your city or state into your brand name, it’s best to avoid that route. 

Location-specific brand names limit your business to your current location. As a result, you’ll only attract clients from that specific area. Bottom line is, you’ll be stuck where you are. 

If you avoid using a location-specific word in your brand name, you will not be stuck. The best thing about your etiquette business is that it has the capability to grow. If you add a location to the brand name, you’re limiting your business’ chances. 

Your business could expand to different cities or even different states. You’ll want a name that can fit anywhere you go. 

3. Don’t Include A Specific Age Range 

Specifics are always important. But too many specifics, especially when it comes to choosing a brand name, can hinder the audience you attract. 

Avoid setting specific age limits in your brand name. If you set an age range from ages 5 through 10, you are losing out on an age range of seven years. Children ages 11 through 18 are a potential group of clients that you could lose because of setting an age limit. 

When teaching the Manners To Go certified curriculum, we provide material for ages 4 to 18 (preschool to high school). You’ll have the opportunity to attract all different kinds of students without the constraints of a specific age brand name.

4. Use Positive, Descriptive Language 

As a reflection of who you are, your business should spread the positivity that comes with teaching social etiquette. While some struggle with maintaining it, everyone wants positivity in their life. 

To associate positivity with your brand is important! When you’re teaching manners and social graces, you’ll want students to feel the positive learning environment you create. One way you can advertise that is through your name! 

5. Make Sure That Your Business Name Is Easy To Spell and Pronounce 

Choosing a brand name that people can understand lets you guarantee its memorability. If your name has too many letters or is hard to pronounce, it might not stick with all of your clients. 

Create a name that’s simple to spell and pronounce—that’s what will hold your clients’ attention! 

6. Double Check That The Name Is Available 

Before settling on a brand name, make sure the name you’ve chosen hasn’t already been taken. Double-check that your business’s name and internet domain match. You can use a site like GoDaddy to make sure your name is available. 

As a new business owner, your name should be brand new. Serving as a reflection to a new image, your services will be able to take priority. 

Manners To Go Helps You With Strategically Choosing A Brand Name 

As part of our etiquette certification program at Manners To Go, you receive feedback and advice on choosing a brand name. 

Manners To Go offers highly personalized benefits that can help you succeed in your etiquette consulting business. You can receive private one-on-one training to focus on specific aspects of your own business. 

Starting your own etiquette consulting business is an exciting process with new opportunities. When you’re choosing a brand name, remember: it should reflect who you are and what your business values. 

Choosing a simple, clear, and positive name is a great way to attract potential clients and maintain your goals as an etiquette expert.

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