As an etiquette professional, books are some of the most powerful tools at your disposal. Whether you’re looking to up your skills or you’re an aspiring etiquette expert, these are the best self development books to help you grow! 

If you’re interested in adding to your professional library (which I call my “etiquette library!”), these books are the perfect solution. 

Today’s article includes some of my favorite etiquette resources. To make it super easy, I’ve broken the best self development books up into two categories: business etiquette books and manners books for children.

The Best Self Development Books For Etiquette Professionals

Let’s start off with professional etiquette books! These are some of the best self development books for etiquette professionals looking to sharpen their skills. 

Modern Manners: Tools To Take You To The Top by Dorothea Johnson and Liv Tyler

World-renowned etiquette expert Dorothea Johnson and her granddaughter, Liv Tyler, come together in this book with phenomenal advice. I myself was certified by Dorothea, so of course, I had to add this book to my list! 

You can read this book cover to cover or use it as a quick reference guide as needed. It’s comprehensive, and the content gets to the point and covers all the main categories of business etiquette. I love the addition of dos and don’ts for etiquette! 

How To Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie 

This is an oldie but goodie—it really is one of the best self development books! Now more than ever,  Dale’s advice on how to make a human connection is relevant (and necessary).  

Every professional, especially those interested in business etiquette, needs this book on their shelf.

Manners, Occasions, and Style by Kate Spade

This series of books was personally written by Kate Spade, and you can purchase them individually or as a set.  

All three books are very quick reads — and beautifully illustrated! Kate writes about a variety of topics, like the importance of a good first impression, how to tip for a haircut, what to do with a handful of cherry pits, and many of the etiquette conundrums we all face in our everyday lives.

The Art of the Table by Suzanne Von Drachenfels

This book is a trusted resource of mine and has been for years! It’s the perfect resource for when you find a fork or spoon in an antique store and you have no idea what it’s for.

Going over all things table setting and manners, you can utilize this book in a variety of ways for years to come! 

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Best Self Development Books To Add To Your Children’s Etiquette Library

Let’s move onto the next part of our list! These are the best self development books to add to your children’s etiquette library. 

H3: How to Behave and Why & Manners Can be Fun by Munro Leaf

This series is fun for children and relevant even today!  

As parents and teachers try to navigate the “rules” or guidelines for raising children, Munro Leaf provides the steps for what is right and wrong.  

Leaf’s books tell us: 

  • You have to be honest
  • You have to be strong
  • You have to be fair and you have to be wise

These are valuable self-help lessons for children all the way up to adults. 

Eloise’s Guide to Life by Kay Thompson

Eloise is the sassy six-year-old that lives at The Plaza in New York. In this book, she tells a good story about how to eat, dress, travel, behave, and “stay six forever!”

Children love to read about Eloise and all the trouble she gets into with her nanny and dog, Weenie.

Madeline Says Merci by John Bemelmans Marciano

One of the famous opening quotes from this story is: “In an old house in Paris, that was covered in vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines.” 

How could you not want to dive into this one? Madeline knows the secret to being polite and kind. This book can be used to introduce basic manners, like please and thank you, how to share, and clean up etiquette.

It truly is a gem, and definitely needs to be in your library so that you can read it during etiquette classes for young children! 

Madam CJ Walker Builds a Business, Rebel Girls

Madam Walker was the first African American woman to become a millionaire. You will find her story inspiring, especially if you have an entrepreneurial spirit or want to foster that spirit in young children! 

She showed grace, courage, and tenacity while developing her business. You can also find Madam CJ Walker’s story on Netflix.

There are so many etiquette books and resources. I’m always on the search for the best self development books! What are your favorites?  We’d love to know! 

8 Best Self Development Books Etiquette Professionals Should Read | Manners to Go

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