This may surprise you but it does not take long as an etiquette coach to get established and create authority. 

Creating authority is important in the world of etiquette speakers, experts and coaches.  And it is easy – especially now that we have access to social media.

How to Establish Yourself as an Etiquette Coach When First Starting Your Business?

Etiquette Coaches Communicate with Their New Audience: 

Start with social media. This is absolutely free! You can start a Facebook page and post your thoughts and observations.  As you read articles that are relevant, comment and post them on your social media platforms.

This is a lifestyle business.  As you are out with your children or grandchildren, post about your adventures out in your everyday life.  

Etiquette Coaches Offer to Write Articles for Media Resources

You are an expert that can provide valuable information for teachers, parents and leaders in your community.  Look for ways to help by contributing articles to local parenting magazines, online news, and printed media.  Pitch your story to local news stations.

As an Etiquette Coach, What Do You Have in Common with Your Audience

You know parents are so happy and interested in having their children grow up kind, smart, happy and well-adjusted adults.  Educators are happy to have you share not only your passion but your knowledge within their schools virtually and in-person.  

Think about what you have in common with your audience when writing the about page/bio on your website. Communicate your commonalities when you are introducing yourself to others. This takes practice and intention.  Write down your thoughts and ideas.

The 6 things I wish I had known when starting my etiquette business free guide

Here is an article I wrote about how to introduce yourself as an etiquette expert.

Etiquette Coaches Draw from their Previous Experiences 

All of our current licensees have varied backgrounds.  We have teachers, engineers, grandmothers, mothers, human resource managers and event planners.  You have transferable skills that make a difference. Trust me, the world needs what you have to offer.

Etiquette Coaches Show Authority by Recognizing Their Value

I tell my licensees not to give away their expertise for free. However, there are times when starting your business, where offering a class pro-bono is at times a good idea.  It gives you experience and at the same time helps an organization or a non-profit.

Shift Your Mindset

You are the expert. Think of yourself as one. This tips is absolutely the most important one on this list.  You must feel like an authority on etiquette issues from the inside.

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