Would you like to know what it looks like to be a successful etiquette expert and coach?

When I started my journey to become a successful etiquette expert, I had no idea how to write a proposal, where to network or how to organize the manners classes for children.

Now looking back, I see that building a wildly successful business came down to these 3 specific things that I am about to share with you.

These are the things that you can do on rinse and repeat.  Do the same and you can’t help but to grow your etiquette business.  You can make amazing things happen in your community.

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3 Things You Need to Do To Be a Successful Etiquette Expert and Coach

  1. Get very clear on the VALUE you offer.  The skills you learn when you become licensed and certified to teach manners are valuable for the parents, teachers and children in your community.  Creating success in your business all comes down to what is going on in your mind.  Everyday remind yourself of how many children and adults benefit from what you have to offer.
  2. Get AMAZINGLY Good at marketing your new etiquette business: Everyday you need to focus on what you can do to get you and your business name in front of others.  That’s right, sell yourself. Go to networking groups and practice your elevator pitch. If you have not read our article about how to create one for etiquette experts, then click here. Ask friends who they know – neighbors, co-workers etc. that might have connections. 
    You might be surprised who your children might know!  They have soccer, hockey, swim coaches.  The athletic community alone has many opportunities for you.
  3. Practice sending out proposals and making cold calls: What?  That’s right!  Pick up the phone and introduce yourself to associations, teachers, country clubs and non-profit organizations. Even call your local Chamber of Commerce to see how you can connect with them to offer your services.  

      Right now, list at least 5 connections and call you can make this week to get started. The more you call, the more chances you will receive a “yes”.

There you have it-three actionable steps you can take this week to get started teaching manners to children.

Here is a FREE Guide to Help YOU Start a Business Teaching Manners to Children


6 Things Needed to start an etiquette business

Here Are Your Next Steps

Step 1

Get to Know Manners To Go™

Most likely, you will want to get to know us. Feel free to call or email us. Click on the links below. We are happy to discuss the details with you.

Step 2

Decide on the best training option for you

We offer two trainings to become certified to teach manners to children:

Professional Consultant Certification - Live video training

Option #1:

“Live” Video Training

If you are looking to start immediately and save money on travel and time, then this is your best option.You choose the dates of our trainings. Most choose to have their sessions once a week, others twice. This is a “live” and private training. It is NOT self-guided.

2 Day Etiquette Certificate Training

Option #2:

Two-Day In-Person

PRIVATE Training.  That’s right, we meet in person, the two of us and our focus is completely on your business.  Click the image above or follow the button below to learn more and to see a list of cities available for your training.

Step 3

Receive the curriculum and book your training dates

Upon payment, you receive the curriculum. Next, we will send an email asking you to schedule your first training date.

Manners To Go Lesson Plans for Teachers

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