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You have an important job as a middle school teacher.  A great deal falls on your shoulders.

Test scores, parent conferences, not to mention your own family.

That is why today, we would like to share tips on how you can teach your middle school students to use good manners when communicating online.

We will make it easy for you to teach manners in your classroom.

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Students need to be guided on how to manage their digital footprint. Social media is here to stay.  Middle school students will make mistakes online.  That we know for sure.

Every bit of guidance is helpful.  We promise, teaching manners to your students in the classroom is making a difference.

1.Help students differentiate what is personal/private. Teens definitely need guidance in what to post.  Giving too much information is not cool. What their parents discussed in private last night most likely is not a good idea to share.  Maybe their best friend is in trouble. This is not to be shared online. 

Ask them to pause a moment before posting. 

2. Empathy: Using social media to teach empathy is possible. Before posting, ask them to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. How would they feel if someone posted a message they are about to send? 

3. Paradigm shift:  How can your students shift their minds…their way of thinking about posting on their social media channels?  

4. Challenge them for one week to post from a positive perspective.  What are they doing in their community to make a difference? What are their friends doing to help others?  Maybe they post about a teacher giving extra assistance. Why not express gratitude online?

You are a middle school teacher so you know how important it is for teens to feel socially confident.

The impressions they create in middle school often follow them to high school and impact their ability to excel both academically and socially.

Are you interested in learning how you can easily teach manners in your classroom?  Do you need lesson plans that you can implement today?

We want to help you. It takes time to research.  Our lesson plans are accurate, comprehensive, provide scripted dialogue and of course, include all the handouts needed.  21st Century Skills are on each lesson plan.

The work is done for you.

Middle School Manners Curriculum now available in Spanish

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