Teach Good Manners in Your Classroom

You know the importance of teaching good manners, life skills and character in your classroom. We can no longer take the stand that life skills and manners should be taught at home.  Yes, I agree, manners should be taught at home but in many cases, they are not.

Every child deserves to learn manners, don’t you think?

When you teach manners in your classroom, you take a massive stand and declare:

  • You value the well-being of your students
  • You want to make an impact on their social and emotional needs
  • You empower yourself by choosing a manners curriculum that allows you to customize a plan to teach manners and social skills
  • You are ready to transform your classroom and your students

Tips and Topics to Teach Good Manners in Your Classroom

Middle Schoolers

Here are a few tips and topics to start teaching manners in your classroom.  These tips can be used in any grade level.

how to start etiquette business

Why Manners Matter:  Start with the “why”.  Have you downloaded our Free Lesson Plan?  We provide a link by grade level below.  You may use this in your classroom.  This guides you on how to get started and provides you with the activities and handouts to get started.

Your goal is to teach and your students on “why” it is important to use good manners.  You will have a discussion with your students to talk about kindness, how it feels on the inside when we use good manners, why it makes us feel confident, empathy, the action to take to make others feel comfortable and more.

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Eye Contact: When you teach eye contact, you will see an immediate difference. Children need to told and shown in many cases.  You will see their face light up when you teach eye contact.  If you teach Preschool or Kindergarten, kneel down on your knees and actually look at them in the eye to show them what it looks like.

Eye contact shows others we are confident, are listening and we care.

Handshakes:  Have you considered starting your day with a handshake and greeting each student with a handshake in the morning? Doing this provides so many teachable moments. You can teach eye contact, handshakes and conversation skills within a few seconds for each student.

Teach Manners in Your Classroom

Would you like to teach manners in your classroom?  We guide you every step of the way.  It is easy.  All the work is done for you.

Now is the time to start. We offer an affordable curriculum and if you purchase before September 30, 2019, you can use a COUPON CODE for a discount.  The COUPON CODE IS MTG10.

Here are your next steps:

Step 1

Choose your grade level:  We offer all grade levels:



Middle School 

High School

Step 2

Choose your package:  We offer the following lesson plans and bundle options for each grade level:

First Impressions

Communication Skills

Table Manners

Bundle of all three

Step 3

Download, Teach and Transform: Our curriculum is downloadable.  Once the order is processed, you can begin teaching. Our manners lesson plans are easy to customize. You may teach for an entire semester, 10 minutes a week or focus on the modules for an entire month.

Our curriculum is used for after school programs too.

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