Podcast: How to Handle Sticky Situations around COVID, Politics, Table Manners and More

Well, hello there.  Today’s article goes there.  You know what I mean…..COVID, politics and all the other things that can pop up around the dining table or anywhere else in life.

Evie and Sarah, authors and podcasters of  Modern Manners for Moms and Dads interview me on their podcast. 

We have a fantastic conversation about handling sticky situations that we are all facing in today’s world.

As a soon-to-be-etiquette expert, you may wonder how to answer these types of questions when asked by clients, teachers, parents or friends.

Here a few of the answers to your most pressing etiquette questions that are relevant to today’s world:

  1. How to handle political conversations that might get controversial over a holiday meal
  2. How to handle difficult conversations about the coronavirus precautions
  3. Important manners for families and individuals to practice with children right now

The link to the podcast is located below this article in the Manners To Go Links and Resource Section.

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