Etiquette Expert: What To Do When the News Media Calls

Last week, as I was winding down after a long day of writing content my phone rang.

I did not recognize the number.  It was a bit late….the “work” day here on the east coast was over.

I hesitated because I was relaxing on our comfortable sofa with my sweet miniature pincher.  My husband was also close by.

I was ready to ponder what type of salad I was going to prepare for dinner.

Back to the phone ringing….I answered it.

The call was from a reporter with Fox News 29 in Philadelphia.

She had a story to tell.  The reporter needed advice for her viewers…the story was hot and she needed an etiquette expert to provide guidance…and rather quickly.

The reporter needed me to be on a video call in an hour.

She asked if I was available and ready.

I bet you know my answer.  

Of course, I was ready! And I seized the opportunity.

The story ran the same night on the 10 pm news. The link is at the bottom of this article if you would like to watch the segment.

As an Etiquette Expert, What Do You Need to Know When You Are Asked to Be On the Local News or Media

1. Reporters need someone who is confident and camera ready. Often times, you may not have time to prepare. In this case, the reporter called at 6 pm.  I was on the video call at 7 pm.  The same day.  I had an hour to gather my thoughts, apply lipstick, get dressed and set up my camera!

2.Ask questions during the initial call.  Will this be an extensive interview or sound bites?  

3.If you have time to research, understand the news channels’ target audience.

4.Deliver a concise message.  Make notes.  Brainstorm all of the questions that might be asked during the interview.  Answer them.  Anticipate the questions and craft your answers in 7-15 second answers.  Remember to answer the question. This is not the time to be verbose.  You want to be neutral, natural but direct.

5.Practice in the mirror. Practice with a spouse or friend. 

6.Prepare today as if you will be on camera soon.  You need a video camera (linking to one here; the best $79 I spent for my etiquette business) and a light ring.  These are easy to find on Amazon and makes a BIG difference.  You will not regret purchasing these items.

Relax and be yourself.  You offer a great deal of value to the world.

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