As an etiquette expert, you have a lot of influence in your community. Educators, parents, and children look to you for advice pertaining to manners and etiquette. 

I have worked with so many amazing women who’ve helped teach children manners through many different programs in their communities. They made many contributions to help shape today’s youth. You have the opportunity to do that too! 

One important way for you to connect with your community and promote your status as an etiquette expert is through social media. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are all popular sites that many of your community members may be on. 

How Social Media Influences You As An Etiquette Expert (and Vice Versa!)

Social media influences the power of an etiquette expert tremendously. You have the ability to use social media to promote your expertise to your community. That means you can start making connections. 

The benefit of using social media is a two-way street. Building a rapport helps you advertise yourself as an etiquette expert to potential clients. In turn, you can use social media to implement your own teachings. 

Let’s take a deeper look at how social media can benefit you. 

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How Social Media Influences YOU As The Etiquette Expert

Creating a social media account gives you a platform for content. As an etiquette expert, you’ve got a lot to share. Having a place where you can discuss skills and tips involving etiquette allows you to build a profile. 

Being active on social media gives you the opportunity to stay up-to-date on current trends. If you’re more aware of what’s happening in society, you’ll be able to tailor it to your own practice. 

Your social media account provides you with an opportunity to dive deep with potential clients. You can see firsthand how people react to information on social media. As a result, you can keep in touch with people who might be needing an etiquette expert

How You Can Use Social Media To Influence Your Community

As I mentioned before, social media is a two-way street. 

By building your own social media page you have the opportunity to show your community what is possible. Share inspiring and engaging content. The more you show them, the more you can establish a connection with them. 

You can continue to connect with them by providing advice and suggestions. Setting yourself up as an etiquette expert online is great. But if you can grant trustworthy advice, you’ll be in an even better position with your community members. They’ll have more respect and trust for you as an expert. 

Social media allows you to be an etiquette guide for your community. They can come to you with questions that you can help answer. Then, you can point them in the right direction for resources they may need. You’re not an expert for nothing, let them know you’re there to help!

Tips To Help You Manage Your Social Media As An Etiquette Expert

Social media can be intimidating at first. With a couple of quick tips, you can create your own account and start promoting yourself. 

Start With One Platform

As I mentioned earlier, there are many different social media platforms to choose from. 

When I am training a new licensee, I always suggest they choose ONE platform. Starting with one platform gives you the opportunity to focus on only that platform. 

If you create an account for multiple platforms, you could potentially be juggling five different accounts while learning new platforms. Overwhelming yourself with social media won’t help you utilize it to its fullest potential. 

Focus on one platform until you learn to manage it well. Once you master one, you can add more to your list later on. 

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Create Content Categories

After you set up your account, you will need to start brainstorming content. The content you post must connect with your skills as an etiquette expert and attract the attention of your community. 

Thinking about content as a whole can seem daunting. Try breaking down your content into categories. Then, you can stay organized on your social media account and in your own mind. 

Content categories reign people’s attention to your specific topics. As a result, they will understand who you are and what you do a little better. 

For your own peace of mind, content categories break down the idea of content as a whole. You can organize specific posts into categories so you don’t feel like you are lacking information. 

Examples of content categories could be: 

  • Advice 
  • Inspiring quotes 
  • Your unique offers, like classes or private instruction 
  • Personal stories 

Plan Ahead For Your Content

Running an engaging social media account takes planning. Plan ahead for your content. Having ideas for your categories ahead of time prevents future issues. It keeps you from feeling overwhelmed or pressured to come up with posts. 

Create a planning schedule that works for you. You can plan a week ahead or a month ahead. Whatever puts you in a better position as an etiquette expert. 

It’s important to think about your audience when you plan ahead. If you think about what they might need from you, you can be in a better position to provide that content. With more time on your hands, for instance, you can offer more of your skills to your community. 

Social media opens up many opportunities for you as an etiquette expert. It provides you with the support to connect with your community while allowing you to promote your own skills. Creating your own social media platform is a great way to build your reputation as an etiquette expert. 

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