Six Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting My Etiquette Business

Six Things I Wish I Had Known When Starting My Etiquette Business

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How am I trained after I purchase the Manners To Go program” is actually one of the most frequently asked questions.  It is a really good question and I am here to give you all the details.  In fact, the way you are trained to start your own business teaching manners to children is one of the most acclaimed and highly sought-after reasons to become certified by Manners To Go.  

Read the testimonials to see what others are saying about how they received “above and beyond” what they expected.  More about that later, but you know the saying…” the proof is in the pudding”!

Let’s get to it.  How are you trained by Manners To Go?

How Am I Trained and Certified by Manners To Go?

We offer two options for you to be trained and certified to teach manners to children.

One option is to be trained via “live” video. A second is to be trained by manners to go in person. You will discover more details about both training options in this article.

Here are the Details Regarding the Video Training by Manners To Go

– 1 –

You are trained via private, real-time (live) video. That’s right. It is as if you are sitting across the desk from me. My camera is on and you can see me.  You have the option to turn on your video camera.  Some do.  Some don’t.  It is your choice.  Mine is always on during our call so you can see me “live” sitting in my office.  If I am having a bad hair day, you can see it!  It is that clear.

During the call, you will be able to view my screen as well. This way, we can view the marketing materials together.


You schedule the training calls. In order for you to become certified, you must complete at least four-six one-hour training sessions.  You choose the dates and times of the training sessions.  Some choose to schedule a session once a week.  Some choose twice a week.  The program is customized according to your timeframe.

Six things I wish I had Known Before I started my etiquette business

Of course, ongoing support and training are always available to you during the three-year license term. Many of our licensees choose to continue their training after the initial calls. Some take a month or so to complete the marketing efforts and then connect with me so we can review certain tasks together.

Evidence has shown that those who stay in touch with us are the most successful. We encourage you to stay in touch and keep the communication open and ongoing.


I must tell you, that a big selling point about the Manners To Go program is that it is customized for your needs.  During our calls, the focus is on YOU and YOUR business. We discuss your website.  Also, discuss the fees that you will charge.  We discuss your logo.  Anything that is on your mind, let’s talk about it.

And yes, many times we schedule training in the evenings and weekends. Many of our licensees are still working and need to have their training “after hours”.

We also have licensees all over the world and accommodate different time zones.


You receive organized marketing guides to download before each call.  You have a visual workbook/guide in front of you that we discuss in detail….together.  Templates, marketing materials, and videos are all provided so that you receive a world-class relevant program and curriculum to start your business teaching manners to children.


If you choose to have your training via video calls, you do not have the cost of traveling to a location to attend a program.  This saves you valuable time and money.

Manners To Go In-Person Training (Immersion)

One Saturday afternoon, I had such a lovely conversation with a potential licensee.

We spoke about all the things….etiquette, her background, why manners matter, why children need them today….etc. etc. etc.

Actually, to me, it was the perfect way to spend part of my Saturday.

She asked a really good question, “which training should I choose”?

My answer to her was this: “how do you like to learn”?  When you are considering any type of training, whether it is to learn a new computer skill, creative writing techniques, or learning a new language, you must consider your personal preference. 

My conversation with her is the inspiration for this post.

I could hear the first choice in her voice. She came alive when we started talking about the in-person/immersion option.  

In my eyes, all of my licensees are special.  THEY make the experience beautiful, charming, valuable, eclectic, and interesting. 

Over the years, we have had our in-person training at beautiful locations.

The in-person trainings are highly customized and personal. We spend two intense days together. You learn all aspects of operating your new business.

Lunch during your two day training is included.

Of course, after the intense training, video follow-up calls are always available to you.

Click here if you would like to learn more and SEE actual photos from our in-person training.

Etiquette Certification and Training Tiffany's New York City

How Can Starting a Business Teaching Manners to Children Change Your Life?

Do you have a passion for teaching manners to children?  Are you curious about what it is like to own your own business?  Click here to get access to more details about how you can change your life and start a business using your skills and talents in teaching children and teens.

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6 Things Needed to start an etiquette business

Here Are Your Next Steps

Step 1

Get to Know Manners To Go™

Most likely, you will want to get to know us. Feel free to call or email us. Click on the links below. We are happy to discuss the details with you.

Step 2

Decide on the best training option for you

We offer two trainings to become certified to teach manners to children:

Professional Consultant Certification - Live video training

Option #1:

“Live” Video Training

If you are looking to start immediately and save money on travel and time, then this is your best option.You choose the dates of our trainings. Most choose to have their sessions once a week, others twice. This is a “live” and private training. It is NOT self-guided.

2 Day Etiquette Certificate Training

Option #2:

Two-Day In-Person

PRIVATE Training.  That’s right, we meet in person, the two of us and our focus is completely on your business.  Click the image above or follow the button below to learn more and to see a list of cities available for your training.

Step 3

Receive the curriculum and book your training dates

Upon payment, you receive the curriculum. Next, we will send an email asking you to schedule your first training date.

Manners To Go Lesson Plans for Teachers

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