Etiquette Certification: A New Licensee’s Website

Sylvia Jones is a new licensee.  She received her certification in April of this year.  You may remember her.  I interviewed Sylvia and you will find a replay of the video/interview in the “Links and Resources” section of this article.  

You may have heard me mention my licensees that stay in touch with me are the ones that are most successful.  Here is proof.

Sylvia got a fast start with her business.  She asked the right questions, took action and started teaching etiquette in her community immediately.  In fact, on June 7 she texted a copy of a flyer for an event where she was one of the guest speakers.  The name of the event was “ Grace, Heels, and Etiquette 101”!

Sylvia again followed up to let me know the event went well and received great feedback from the event organizer and the children that attended.  

Etiquette Certification and Marketing:  We Can Help You

When we train and certify you, we not only teach you the details of etiquette but provide the absolute best guidance on how to start and market your new business.  This includes all social media platforms as well as your website….if you choose to have one.

Take a look at Sylvia’s website (link below). It is concise, and the site focuses on her customer.  Her photos tell a story. The site is easy to navigate.  She has a professional headshot and guides her viewers to let them know exactly what she is offering.

Now It Is Your Turn to Teach Manners to Children

The world needs what you have to offer. 

Here are Your Next Steps to Start a Business Teaching Manners to Children and Teens

Step 1

Most likely, you will want to get to know us:  We encourage you to call directly, email or schedule a time to speak.  Click the links below to contact us. We look forward to getting to know you.

Click Here to Send Us an Email

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Step 2

Choose your ideal training: We offer two options for you to become trained and certified.

One option is a four one-hour training via “live” video sessions. You schedule the sessions according to your timeframe. Most choose to have their trainings once a week, others, twice. These sessions are private….the two of us on the video call.  You have the option to turn on your camera or not but you will always see me.

Our second option is a private, two-day immersion training. We meet in-person.  The focus is entirely on you and your new business as we sit together. We have breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea together as you learn.  You also have the opportunity to observe me teaching a manners class. You will find a list of cities to choose from on our site or by clicking this link.

Of course, with either option, you have on-going support from us.  This is included in your training.  And yes, that is for the entire three year term of your license.  There is not a charge for our on-going support.

Step 3

Receive the download: Upon payment, you will immediately receive the curriculum.  We will start your training and then you will be certified and trained to teach manners to children.

Click each image to discover more details about each option
Professional Consultant Certification - Live video training

2 Day Etiquette Certificate Training

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Etiquette Certification by Manners To Go

Manners To Go Links and Resources

Here is the link to view Sylvia’s website: KindnessandManners.com

Here is a link to view my interview with Sylvia:

A New Licensee Becomes Certified and Trained

Etiquette Consultant Certification Why Children Need You

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