Why Setting the Table Is an Important Life Skill for Children to Learn

Certain rituals can become the most important part of a child’s upbringing.  

Setting the table can be one of them.

Not only can it be a memory that makes them smile and reminisce as an adult, but it also serves as an instrumental life skill.

Setting the table is a life skill that leads to CONFIDENCE

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Whether you are a teacher, parent or care-giver, you can make this a fun skill to learn.

No, this does not have to be a drudgery or about making the act right or wrong.

This is about making it fun and a ritual they can partake in with ease and at the same time the satisfaction of helping you as a parent or a teacher.

What Does Setting the Table Teach Children?

Instills Confidence: Most Children are social beings and enjoy eating together.  When they know the basics…napkin in lap and using it, chew with their mouth closed, etc. they feel good about themselves.  They are confident.  They know what to do when eating with others.

Joy in Helping: Setting the table starts the ritual of eating together.  When you allow children to take an active role, they feel useful. Taking out the plates, forks and napkins sets the tone for togetherness.  This can be in the cafeteria at school, in the classroom or at home. 

There is so much joy in helping out a parent or teacher. They can also take on a role at the end of the meal by clearing the table (how fun is that chore!).

Conversation Skills:  I always tell teachers and parents, if you want your children to have good conversation skills, sit down together at meal time.  Not only does sitting down together to eat teach table manners, this act also teaches everyone about talking to each other.

Ask questions.  Learn what happened during the day.  This is a simple step to take and adds so much value for life.

Teach Table Manners course for parents

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