Etiquette School with Eloise

Have you ever read any of the “Eloise” books to your children? I smile when Eloise says, “Thank you very much and charge it please.” This is a very easy scene to visualize. Maybe this is a great way to start your little ones off with the basics of etiquette at a young age.

If only everyone honored the basic elements of good manners. Can you imagine if everyone in an office said, “Good morning” to those they passed in the hallway, instead of just focusing on the task at hand? Our world would be a much better place.

As your daughter gets picked up by the carpool mom in the morning, does she say “Hello?” This might be a good time to point this tip out to her. How about to her teachers when she arrives at school or to the principal as she passes her in the hall? Teach your children to greet people by name and to make eye contact with them instead of looking down or away. Eye contact is easy to teach and you will see immediate results.

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Smiles are contagious. Have you noticed? Have you ever walked down the street and unknowingly you are smiling because you are thinking about something funny? As you look up you notice the person coming toward you is smiling. Just put a smile on your face right now and see how it changes your disposition. Communicate this to your children often and practice, practice, practice.

“Pass the potatoes, please.” Please is a magical word and can be used every day. This is another basic to include as soon as your child can speak. The word “please” works both ways.

Thank you is just necessary in life. This is a universal truth. Challenge your children to see how often they can say it every day.

Etiquette School at The Plaza in NY with Eloise


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