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Have you thought about organizing a school assembly which teaches manners to your students? Recently, I had the pleasure of teaching over 480 children at an elementary school in New Jersey. The school created a theme which was called “Conscious Conduct”. Teaching manners was a perfect fit for them.

Approximately 100 children attended each session along with their teachers. The students were exceptionally well behaved and so very engaged. I was impressed!

School Assembly: Teach Manners

Students Learned:

Eye contact
Respect for self and others
Actions to be kind
How to shake hands
How to introduce others
How to write thank you notes

Our world today is changing rapidly, and as casual as we have become in our lives, good manners are still essential. Technology has liberated us in so many ways, but teaching manners to children and teens remains crucial to our success as individuals and as a society.


“I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Richey when we booked her outstanding Manners To Go program for our school assembly at Jefferson Elementary in Westfield, NJ. The program was fine tuned to each grade level and the students were engaged and ready to participate. Mrs. Richey was even kind enough to incorporate a working lunch into the already busy day to confer with our teachers on how to put the program into their everyday activities in class. The students learned how to make eye contact, to have a proper handshake, respect for others and even writing a proper thank you note with our older grades. I would highly recommend Mrs. Richey and her Manners To Go program for everyone, adults and children alike.”

Sarah S., Jefferson Elementary School, New Jersey

Manners To Go is an unpretentious program to help children, parents and educators navigate through the social skills of life. Lisa Richey’s mission is to provide a variety of activities to teach the life skills needed to promote the growth of well-rounded adults who are able to interact in any situation.

Lisa Richey is the leading voice on teaching manners to children. Contact Lisa to discuss an assembly for your school.

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