Let me introduce you to our new etiquette expert, Kristen DeSanto. She is a go-getter and we are thrilled to have her teaching Manners To Go.

She is a mother of two boys, an entrepreneur and she has already gotten a fast start.  And wow, is she creative.

Her students are going to love her.

The name of her new business is, Modernly Mannered, FUNdementals for Life.  Take a look at her logo here:

A New Manners To Go Certified Licensee Teaching Life Skills to Children

Kristen created this and engaged a graphic designer to refine it even before we had completed her etiquette training.

Before her certification was complete, a plan was in place to teach.  In fact, today we are talking about her options on how to market her new programs. 

Her sons play LaCrosse, so naturally this is a great place for her to start. She has a strong connection to the sports community in her city.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a rewarding journey. In fact, I think once you have an entrepreneurial spirit, it never leaves you.  This spirit becomes a part of your DNA.

Owning a business certainly has its challenges but the rewards are great.

With Manners To Go , you get to work with your passion everyday.  Your work never feels like work.  FREEDOM is one of the highlights.

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