A Teacher Becomes More Interesting When Teaching Manners in Middle School

Storytelling sets you apart as a middle school teacher.  Think about it.  As a teacher, I don’t need to tell you how much younger children love it when someone reads a story to them.

This works for middle school students too…only you don’t need to read to them….TELL them a story.

Share a story about you and an experience you had.  Maybe you made an “etiquette” mistake.  Maybe you made the right decision with choosing to use your good manners in a certain situation.

Good or bad, share your story.  Make it real for this age group.

I can promise, they will sit up and listen to “your” story.  It will make you more interesting.

The moment you share your story is the moment you take control of your classroom and become more interesting as a teacher.  This matters to a middle school student.

Manners are not about rules so don’t teach it that way.  Share a real life experience.

                                     Lisa Richey, founder, Manners To Go | Join Our Manners Movement

They will remember it.  Understand it.  Use it.

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