How to Set A Beautiful a Table

If you are reading this blog, I bet you enjoy and appreciate a beautiful table set for a special event or a family meal.  Setting a beautiful table is an art and takes thought and intention.  Lately, there is so much going on that features beautiful table settings.  This article is about two opportunities that are top of mind. One, The Artistic Table which is an exhibit at Hillwood Museum in Washington DC., the other, a new book by Charlotte Moss.  Below, you will find a short video which I found on one of my favorite blogs, Quintessence.  When you watch this video, you will want to have your favorite cup of tea, a piece of dark chocolate and a comfortable place to sit and enjoy their videos.  Yes, the site is addicting…you know….one video leads to another leads to another!

The Artistic Table at Hillwood Museum

How to set a beautiful table

First, let’s go take a look at a museum that I discovered last summer.  I loved it so much I joined.  Hillwood Museum is the home of Marjorie Merriweather Post.  Years ago, a tour of Mar a Lago lead me to Hillwood. The gardens are beautiful but the china, table scapes and art are what captured my curiosity.  This is a place I hope to visit often.

Located in Northwest Washington DC, Hillwood welcomes you to an enchanted world of grace and gentility. Marjorie Merriweather Post allows you to escape and find not only a mansion but beautiful gardens and a chance to dine at a cafe on the premises.  Take the time to take a guided tour through the museum.  You will want to take in the history as well as her art collection.  The table settings are exquisite. The vastness of her collections are admirable.

The Artistic Table: In this exhibition, seven well-known interior designers curate table settings using Post’s finest china and collectibles.  The exhibit is available now through June 10, 2018.

Artistic Table Hillwood Museum

Hillwood promises a memorable experience and one that you should add to your list when visiting Washington DC.

Charlotte Moss Entertains on Quintessance: Trust Me and Watch the Video

Watch the video as the link is below.  Trust me on this one and your table will never be boring.  She offers so many tips as Susanna Salk interviews her.  Here are a few of Charlotte’s tips:

Shop Your Closet:  You know the closet full of clothes that you own and you hear that inner voice tell you to go shopping because you have nothing to wear to the cocktail party that you are invited to on Friday night.  Then your common sense or best friend kicks in and you decide to “shop in your closet”!  Well, Ms. Moss tells you to do this when setting your next table.  What do you already own that is in your china cabinet or napkin drawer?

Photograph It: When you entertain or a set a table, photograph it so you will easily recall ideas from the past.  As you go thorough your Instagram or Pinterest feed, screenshot ideas.

Spontaneous Entertaining: Why not?  Give it a try.  Invite friends over for dinner, cocktails or breakfast.

Add Plants: What a great idea and they last longer than cut flowers.

Go Grocery Shopping:  Fill bowls with lemons, oranges, persimmons or artichokes depending on the season. You can always use the lemons for salad dressings or tarts later in the week. This is a brilliant way to add seasonal color and use the items later.

Napkins:  Do you collect them like I do?  By adding colorful napkins, you create a table with personality.

Small Bread Baskets:  Wow, this is a great idea…individual bread baskets for each table setting.

As we train new licensees, you can imagine the endless conversations that we have about table settings and china patterns.  Children love to set the table.  You can make the lesson on table manners fun and creative by allowing the children to create their own through drawings or actually setting the table.

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