How to Be a Charming Woman

How to Be a Charming Woman

I believe becoming a charming woman is a possibility for absolutely everyone. 

Here is the key- you must want to become charming.

Yes, for some it is innate.  For others, they must set the intention to become charming. 

First let’s define what charming is:

A Google search defines charming as:

polite, friendly, and likable

Being charming is a combination of many traits and behaviors.  When you use these behaviors in a genuine way, you become more likeable, polite  and engaging. 

Of course, it goes without saying, you must practice good social skills. Using good manners and your etiquette skills are paramount to being a charming woman. These skills up-level your confidence. Use them to your advantage.

Here are Actions and Steps You Can Take to Be Charming:

1: First, get in touch with your “why”:  Why do you want to be charming?  Do you want more friends?  Are you interested in expanding your network and growing your business? Maybe, you want to feel better about yourself.  All of these are very good reasons.

2: Become Confident: Being confident is key.   Believe in yourself, embrace your uniqueness, and carry yourself with self-assurance. This will make you more attractive and appealing to others. When you are running errands, notice others.  What do you find appealing about them?  Is it their body language? The way they are dressed?  Did they make eye contact with you and smile?  What do you find attractive and appealing about others.  This will give you clues as to what is important to you.

3: Check in With Your Attitude: Is your attitude a positive one?  If not, change it.  This is a very important step to becoming a charming woman. No one wants to be around a downer. You will only attract others that have a bad attitude. Charming and complaining do not go together. The same goes for gossiping. Do not gossip.  People lose trust in you.  Complaining, gossiping and looking for the negative in others results in a bad attitude.

4: Body Language:  This is perhaps one of the most important steps and actions you can take.  Notice how you walk into a room.  Your shoulders need to be back and down, chin lifted, pull up our of your waist and walk in as if you know exactly where you are going.  Smile. People notice. Your energy is contagious.  Others will want to speak and get to know you.

5: You Become More Interesting When You Are Interested in Others:  That’s right. Be observant. Ask questions.  Show that you are interested.  The prize does not necessarily go to the one who talks the most.  Actually, it is the opposite.  Ask others about their vacations, what they like to do for fun, etc.

6: Empathy and Kindness: Show genuine concern and empathy for others. Be a good listener, offer support, and be kind in your interactions. Small acts of kindness can leave a lasting impression and make people feel comfortable around you.

7: Dress Appropriately and Show Your Style:  Dress up and dress for the occasion.  If you are going to a networking event, show your style.  Wear a bright color.  Dress the part of being a charming woman.  We communicate with others through our dress.  We tell people how we want to be treated by the clothes we wear.

8: Become Curious:  Expand yourself.  Read more. Watch documentaries. Listen to podcasts that interests you.  You become more interesting when you have “special interests”. Are you a cook? Do you enjoy music?  Are you a voracious reader?  Share your passion with others (while respecting they may not share your passions).

9: Up-level Your Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness; Emotional intelligence is a silent skill and it is your ability to read the room. 

A Charming Woman

Remember, charm comes from within. You must embody it.  Practice, and I promise life will become more interesting, passionate and fun.

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