When you teach manners and etiquette to children, you can see them grow in confidence almost immediately. You have the tools they need to navigate uncomfortable situations, feel secure in conversations, and ultimately change the trajectory of their entire lives! Become a certified etiquette professional to start a career that is rewarding and truly so important. 

As an experienced etiquette teacher, I have many success stories about children who went from shy and insecure to polite and confident individuals. When you become certified with Manners To Go, you will experience your own thrilling transformations with your students!

7 Ways An Etiquette Professional Can Help Change Lives

Etiquette professional give their students the keys to unlock the best versions of themselves! Here are seven ways (you might not have thought of) that teaching manners can completely change lives.

How You’ll Impact Parents As An Etiquette Professional

Your interactions are not only with children! When you are licensed and certified by Manners To Go, you will help parents teach manners to their kids. Many parents seek help to make their families as well-rounded and capable as possible. They are looking for experts like you! 

Once parents realize that an etiquette professional is knowledgeable and can help their children, they are eager to get involved with the curriculum. Parents realize with certainty that good manners and strong social skills will take them farther in life. 

Parents who leverage etiquette education use your language, borrow your games, and mimic your strategies to bring out the best in their children. In essence, your job makes their job (raising young humans) much easier and more relaxed in the long run. An etiquette professional is a gift to any family!

First Impressions and Communication Skills

Etiquette professionals foster better techniques to make a strong first impression and communicate more effectively overall.

Your education strategies rely heavily on parent participation for practice at home. Parents reiterate the importance of your communication lessons long after you leave!

By teaching children how to make a great impression and hold a positive conversation, you help them feel more confident in their everyday social lives. 

Table Manners

Table manners are a highly requested topic for any etiquette professional.

During a private lesson on manners, you can work with the entire family to help with all the intricacies of dining. You may be surprised by how much parents love to learn new dining skills! Not only do polite meal times enhance their lives at home, but their lives at work, too!

How You’ll Impact Educators As An Etiquette Professional

Have you considered your value as an etiquette professional for teachers in school? Teachers have their hands full helping students meet academic expectations. They often need extra support instilling good manners and a positive culture in their classrooms. 

That’s where you come in with a certification from Manners To Go! Teaching etiquette in the classroom differs a great deal from teaching private lessons at home. Not only do teachers and students benefit from your strategies, but they also get to practice with each other immediately!

Life Skills

Schools often need help and support teaching life skills to a variety of different learners. As an etiquette professional, you can step into classrooms or address multiple groups in an auditorium setting.

Classroom teachers enjoy learning from you just as much as their children do! They practice your etiquette tips, which positively impacts the lives of students throughout their careers. 

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Manners and Social Skills

After-school programs are a popular spot to teach manners and social skills.

After-school is also a less-structured environment than a daytime learning classroom. You can help those children (and teachers) become more confident in an open environment.

For example, I once got a wonderful update about one of my etiquette students! Her teacher called home to ask what was different about her. She wanted to know her parents had improved her eye contact in such a short amount of time.

You can imagine how thrilled I was—not to mention the girl’s mother! When you become certified with Manners To Go, you have the power to foster confidence in others. There is no greater reward than getting positive updates about your students.

How You’ll Impact Organizations and Nonprofits As An Etiquette Professional

Other places where children gather need you, too! Girl and Boy Scouts, sports teams, religious groups, and library associations (just to name a few) can each benefit from the expertise of an etiquette professional.  

Such organizations often have meetings and seek outside speakers and consultants to help their groups! Similar to teaching in a school setting, children benefit from learning etiquette among their friends and classmates. Girl and Boy Scouts even award badges for exercising excellent social skills.

Children enrolled in specialized organizations or nonprofits are often united by common interests or a common goal. Focusing on the development of their goals helps unite them even more!

A single etiquette professional has the ability to change the lives of thousands of people! With proper motivation, instruction, and certification from Manners To Go, you can give the gift of confidence to groups who need it.

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