Etiquette Expert: How to Get Noticed When You Are First Starting Out

Let’s talk about the business of teaching manners to children. After many conversations with those that are already Manners To Go licensees and those of you that are thinking about it…. I am really good at noticing patterns. Specifically those questions around the business aspect of becoming an etiquette expert. 

A common question is:

Teaching Manners: How Can I Get Noticed When I am Just Starting Out

You know you have a passion for teaching children and a desire to start a business.  That is not enough.  You must consider the business aspect of it.  

We are here to guide you on getting started.  Today, we provide tips on how you can get noticed online and in your community.

Remember, once you are trained and certified, you are educated in the topic and provide a service. You are now the guide and the expert to teach character education, social skills and life stills to children and teenagers.

Mindset: This is key.  You are a business owner.  Let this sink in.  A business mindset is important of course, but your mindset must also be a positive one.  Starting a business takes work but those that have a fresh and positive outlook are the ones that are successful.

Networking: Get out and let other business owners and educators know what you are doing.  Check out local resources in your community.  Attend meetings at your local Small Business Association.  Is there a Femfessionals in your city?  How about the American Business Women’s Association?  Your local Chamber of Commerce? 

Social Media: This is free and valuable.  Social media is a key component in showcasing you and your new business. In fact, this training provided during our certification.  We train you in how to use it.  All aspects of it.  Facebook can become your new best friend. It is free and provides a platform for you to practice with your new marketing ideas.  Are you on LinkedIn? If not, set up your profile today.  

Be Persistent: Consistency and persistence pays off …in anything we do.  You must follow-up with potential clients.  Change the way you think about persistence.  Being persistent shows that you care.

How Can You Help Someone:  This may be the most important tip of all.  Change your mindset as you make your list of where to get started in your community.  Think about yourself as the expert now.  How can you help the schools in your area?  How can you help provide programming for youth summer camps and country clubs?  How can you help your local Scout programs?  How about all the after school programs?  School assemblies?  I could go on and on but you most likely have a good idea on how you can help.

Did you read our article last week on how teaching manners to children can transform your life?  Check the “links and resource guide” below to read more about how others are doing in their new business.

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About Manners To Go

Lisa Richey teaching manners to children

Most likely we already share something in common. We believe that teaching children manners, character and social emotional skills are very important.

Manners To Go™ is a full-service company for those choosing to teach manners to children. You can make a difference. All children and teenagers deserve to feel what it is like to be confident, and use good manners out in the world.

Manners To Go™ is taught in public, private and charter schools around the world. The New York Times, Parents Magazine and Fox News have all featured Manners To Go and the many benefits of teaching social skills to children.

My name is Lisa Richey, and I am the founder of Manners To Go™ . This brand has given me the honor of teaching manners to thousands of people around the world. The journey has taken me from Portland, Oregon to the Middle East. I believe that manners are not about judgment or rules. Manners are about self-interest. It really is about how using good manners makes you feel on the inside.





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