How Mary Poppins Returns Can Inspire You to Be Trained to Teach Manners to Children

I am taking you back in time today….a time when I first started teaching manners to children.  Many of you have asked about my early days starting my etiquette business. One of my fondest memories is that of teaching in families homes over the years.  Private instructions from day one have been a big part of my business model.  They are personal..it is as if you are attending a dinner party is someone’s home. Without a doubt, it is Mary Poppinsesque!

Prepping for a private instruction, is an integral part of our training as you become certified to teach manners to children.

Have you seen Mary Poppins Returns, the movie that was released days ago?  If not, stop now and get to the movie theater!

As I was sitting at the movie theater yesterday (eating rosemary parmesan popcorn by the handfuls), it brought back the time when I was prepping for a private instruction. I remember it well because it was absolutely pouring outside.

I needed to prepare my “sack of tricks”.  As an etiquette expert and teacher, you need to have your special sack.  You know, your beautiful tote for the Manners To Go activity books and placemats. crayons, colored pencils, stickers and other props to make teaching manners fun and interesting.

Our back door was used as our main entrance in our home which was located in our kitchen. Honestly, I dreaded heading out into this miserable day. Not only was it raining but it was a cold day in the northeast.

As I stood there with my pretty sack/tote, I smiled to myself and channeled Mary Poppins. I turned around to head into our foyer to pick out a parasol (almost looked like one) from our umbrella stand that was suited for the occasion.

You need to see this movie if you are considering starting a business teaching manners to children.  Trust me.  It will inspire and motivate you in so many ways.  

Private instructions provide you the chance to offer many parents and children the help they need to teach children life skills. This movie will inspire you to think of ways to make it fun.

What You Can Learn from Mary Poppins Returns

how to start etiquette business

Confidence as a Teacher: Mary Poppins exudes confidence. She takes over in a firm but interesting way ….a way in which the children respect but know they are going to have a good time in her presence.

become etiquette consultant

Sack of Tricks: Whether you are teaching manners or math, you must be prepared.  Children are smart and savvy.  You need a manners curriculum that you can be proud to teach from.  After all, you will be heading into schools, homes and country clubs and you need to show up as a professional. You can’t pull something from the internet or head to Barnes and Noble and copy a program from a book off the shelf.

Your Imagination: Mary Poppins Returns will flood your mind with all sorts of ideas on how to make your presentation fun and interesting for children and teens.  When teaching, it is important that you find your own voice and this movie provides many ways to motivate you to get started doing just that!

How to Start a Business Teaching Manners to Children: Etiquette Certification

We offer two training programs.  There is no need to recreate the wheel. It takes time to write and create a manners curriculum. With Manners To Go, the work is already done for you….the lesson plans and curriculum and all the marketing and business plans.

Click each link to learn more about how you become trained and certified to teach manners to children
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Professional Consultant Certification - Live video training

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About Manners To Go
Lisa Richey

Most likely we already share something in common. We believe that teaching children manners, character and social emotional skills are very important.

Manners To Go™ is a full-service company for those choosing to teach manners to children. You can make a difference. All children and teenagers deserve to feel what it is like to be confident, and use good manners out in the world.

Manners To Go™ is taught in public, private and charter schools around the world. The New York Times, Parents Magazine and Fox News have all featured Manners To Go and the many benefits of teaching social skills to children.

Whether you are an educator who wants to teach it in the classroom or someone who is looking to become trained and certified, we provide all the solutions.

My name is Lisa Richey, and I am the founder of Manners To Go™ . This brand has given me the honor of teaching manners to thousands of people around the world. The journey has taken me from Portland, Oregon to the Middle East. I believe that manners are not about judgment or rules. Manners are about self-interest. It really is about how using good manners makes you feel on the inside.

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