Six Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting My Etiquette Business

Six Things I Wish I Had Known When Starting My Etiquette Business

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“Live” Video Training

Lisa Richey providing online video training

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The Manners To Go™ Video Training Program offers all the tools and training you need to successfully launch a thriving business as a professional etiquette consultant.

This program is for you if:


You have a passion for helping children and young people excel in life
You would like to start training right away – on your own schedule, without having to leave home
You’ll gain instant access to the complete Manners To Go™ library and receive six powerful one-on-one training sessions from Lisa Richey, the founder, with more than 15 years of experience.
Best of all, you can schedule the calls at your convenience and complete the training in your own home – or anywhere else you have a computer and wi-fi connection.


Your Average


“Live” Video Training

The Manners To Go™ Video Training Program offers all the tools and training you need to successfully launch a thriving business as a professional etiquette consultant.

Because the live training is delivered as a series of private one-on-one video classes, I am happy to schedule the sessions according to your needs. And because we will be connected via video feed, it will feel like I am right there in the room with you!

Manners Curriculum hand outs

Included in “Live” Video Training


  • Manners To Go curriculum for grade levels PreK-High School (over 1000
    pages and includes suggested dialogue for each module)
  • Illustrated handouts to create customized activity books for your students
  • All training and marketing guides
  • Templates for writing proposals
  • Marketing guidance
  • Legal forms and contract templates
  • Suggested reading materials
  • Direction on how to name your business
  • Videos of Manners To Go class in action
  • Dining tutorials (customized recordings)
  • Training on all topics included
  • In-person option includes lunch and coffee during training
  • Depending on your selection, ongoing training during term
  • Materials translated into Spanish (all grade levels)
  • Certification of Completion (printed and logo certification for website)
  • Updates and revisions during your term as a licensee

What is the cost of the “Live” Video Training?

What is the cost of the “Live” Video Training?

Yes, I want to become certified by Manners To Go™ and launch my business helping children excel.

How the “Live” Video Training Works

Step 1

Once you register and book your training dates, you will receive instant access to the complete Manners To Go™ resource library. You can download all of the teaching and student materials onto your own computer so you can start reading and learning right away. You may want to review the materials before your training.

Step 2

Schedule the dates for your four private one-hour online sessions with me. These calls can be done via live video or over the phone, depending on your preference, and will be scheduled at your convenience. Some licensees choose to schedule their training sessions once a week; others opt for twice a week.

Step 3

Once the date for a training session has been set, you will receive a link via email for our video call as well as a downloadable guide to prepare you for the upcoming class. During these training sessions, we will focus on your needs and questions about how to teach the materials and grow your business effectively.

Step 4

Once you complete the four training sessions, you will be officially certified and licensed to teach the program! You will be able to use the Manners To Go™ branding in your marketing materials and will receive a badge to put on your website stating that you are accredited by the American Academy of Etiquette and Manners To Go, an international brand, to teach manners to children.

Step 5

You have the rights to use all the Manners To Go™ materials and branding for 3 years without paying any fees or royalties and will have complete access to any new and/or updated teaching and marketing resources that are added to the resource library during this time. Once the three-year period is up, you will be required to pay $750 for refresher training if you would like to continue using the Manners to Go™ materials and branding.
Because the live training is delivered as a series of private one-on-one video classes, I am happy to schedule the sessions according to your needs. And because we will be connected via video feed, it will feel like I am right there in the room with you!

There is no need to travel or wait for a class. Manners To Go™ is customized to your needs and time frame.  This saves you time and money.

Program examples

Take a Peek into The Manners To Go™ Curriculum

Enjoy this short video showing a group of primary school students demonstrating their newly acquired table manners:

Imagine how rewarding it is to work with such delightful children!

The Manners To Go™ Certification Training Program works for any age level, in any learning environment.

Once certified, you can use Manners To Go™ to teach any age level in any educational setting:

  • Public, charter or private school
  • Classrooms
  • After school programs
  • School assemblies
  • Preschools or daycare facilities
  • Girl and Boy Scout troops
  • Country clubs
  • Private instruction for families
  • Tea rooms
  • Hotels
  • Birthday Parties
  • Charm School

The possibilities are endless!

Lisa Richey website and a time magazine on a table top with flowers

We are honored to share reviews from our licensees. 

Lisa, I am so happy I found you. I’ve wanted to teach kids etiquette for years, but never had the time to research all the material and then figure out how to teach it. With your Manners To Go program, I now have the perfect program to start my business. You delivered exactly what you promised: excellent support and a turnkey system. Thank you for making it easy and fun! It was truly an honor to be trained by someone of your caliber and experience, who was willing to share “everything you know, do, and use” with me. I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to teach children’s etiquette!”

Sandra E.

Etiquette Consultant

“Lisa is a consummate professional and has been an invaluable resource to me as I begin my new business. Not only is she warm and welcoming in person, she is also an expert in her field who makes the subject matter relatable and accessible to her clients.  Her training has provided me with a vast knowledge of etiquette and best practices for teaching it.   

As an international business operator, I have been impressed with Lisa’s curiosity and questions, which enabled her to advise me and apply her product in a new region for a new audience. Her knowledge of marketing enabled me to hit the ground running and hold my first classes within weeks of becoming certified.  Not only have I opened my own business but I have also gained a teammate who is committed to my success.”

Jennie F

Etiquette Consultant

Lisa went above and beyond what she promised to deliver.  Her enthusiasm she shares for my business is very reassuring.  I have found a life long mentor.

Michele W.

Etiquette Consultant

Manners To Go delivers! I regret not getting started sooner. The investment is modest for the quantity and caliber of materials you receive, not to mention the personal coaching from Lisa. The curriculum is age appropriately structured and organized in an easy to study format that positions you to execute your lesson confidently prepared. If you have a passion for equipping young people in etiquette, Manners To Go, is the way to go!

Alissa R.

Etiquette Consultant

“I was looking for charm school type material for my after school program for girls, and came upon the Manners To Go website. It was like finding a treasure trove of “what-to-do(s)” and “how-to-do(s)” on manners for children. It was more that I could have imagined finding. Lisa’s example of a weekend as a Manners To Go Consultant, on her website, was what helped me decide to become a certified and licensed consultant. It is, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made. In receiving my MTG training, Lisa provided every tool and resource needed to become a successful MTG Consultant…Lisa’s Manners To Go is a great product, and it is a joy working with her!”

Lindafaye, N.

Etiquette Consultant

Lisa Richey Etiquette Teacher Instructor

Like you, I have a passion and vision for all children to learn good manners. I want them to feel confident (I bet you do too) in all situations so they can have bright futures and be happy humans.

I am an entrepreneur, content creator, international keynote speaker, wife, and lover of beautiful experiences. Why not join my manners movement? Let us know when you are ready.

Lisa Richey enjoying tea time for Victoria Magazine


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Lisa Richey was featured in Victoria Magazine’s Entrepreneurial Issue. The feature focused on the importance of relationships with other women. Lisa is a big believer in the human connection.

Additionally, she was interviewed on the intricacies of afternoon tea.

Do you still have questions about our “Live” In-Person Training Option?

Learn With Lisa

Armed with tremendous experience (from speaking and my corporate background) and created for those with all levels of experience no matter where you are on the journey, my curriculum and topics will show you the ropes and help you build a business with a proven strategy.

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