Can I Start a Manners Business?

Can I start a manners business and work at another job? Today I am taking a trip down memory lane.

Are you curious about how others get their start in entrepreneurship? How do you take the leap of faith of starting your own business teaching manners to children?

The thought of owning a business I admit was a bit scary.  I had a corporate position with all the benefits imaginable. 

There was a tugging.  A desire to have something to call my own. Honestly, a creative outlet was a huge draw too.

My Personal Business Story

I am going to get personal and share with you what my business looked like when I first started, although the decisions I made to get where I am today and the most significant challenges along the way. 

Most of you have asked and now I am sharing it with all of you. 

This question is a valid one and I encourage you to ask business owners in different industries the same question.  

Can I Start a Manners Business While Working?

Manners Certification

5 Things I said “Yes” To in the Early Days

To make the leap easier, I started planning and teaching manners to children on the weekends while I was still working. 

Many of our licensees start out this way. Say “yes” to this. You can do this, I promise.  It makes the leap a bit softer. 

Saying yes to both makes life full.  It can be a creative outlet for you….something to call your own.

Say “yes” to networking.  Get out and meet other women and men that have their own businesses. 

Find networking groups in your city and start attending. I said yes to this!  Often! Keep reading because number 2 was critical to my success.

Say “yes” to creating a mastermind!!!  This is the most important advice I can give you.  Form a mastermind.  Gather your own group. 

Meet for coffee or have a dinner party. Whatever you do….make this one a priority.

Say “yes” to speaking for small groups.  Out of the mastermind came a group of women with big ideas and encouragement. 

There were four of us.  Between the four of us, we had friends….and friends of theirs. 

We formed our own networking group.  Do you know what happened?  This group provided a venue for us to practice and promote our dream businesses. 

Our business dinners sold out every time.  At times, we had over one hundred women in attendance.

My first speaking engagement to promote my business teaching manners to children was with this group. 

It was my ideal audience. Women that were mothers, teachers, and fellow entrepreneurs were all there to support us.

Say “yes” to teaching and speaking for non-profits.  Non-profit organizations are looking for speakers/teachers who have a valuable message. 

Teaching manners to children is critical now.  You have a valuable and necessary message to spread.  

Say “yes” to an organized curriculum and business plan.  I will share this with you.  I started out thinking I could create my own handouts and materials.

After all, I lived down the street from a Barnes and Noble, and of course, there was the internet.  Make no mistake on this one.  This will delay your fast start. 

Children are smart and savvy today.  You need a program to teach from that you can be proud of and one that has all the necessary techniques and marketing plans for an easy start.

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About Manners To Go and Lisa Richey

About Manners To Go

Thank you for visiting Manners To Go.

Most likely we already share something in common. We believe that teaching children manners, character and social emotional skills are very important.

Manners To Go™ is a full-service company for those choosing to teach manners to children. You can make a difference. All children and teenagers deserve to feel what it is like to be confident, and use good manners out in the world.

Manners To Go™ is taught in public, private and charter schools around the world. The New York Times, Parents Magazine and Fox News have all featured Manners To Go and the many benefits of teaching social skills to children.

Whether you are an educator who wants to teach it in the classroom or someone who is looking to become trained and certified, we provide all the solutions.

My name is Lisa Richey, and I am the founder of Manners To Go™ . This brand has given me the honor of teaching manners to thousands of people around the world. The journey has taken me from Portland, Oregon to the Middle East. I believe that manners are not about judgment or rules. Manners are about self-interest. It really is about how using good manners makes you feel on the inside.

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Testimonials for Manners To Go

Lisa is a great mentor and her Manners to Go program is truly turn key. She taught me everything that I needed to learn to ensure that I will be successful in my endeavor . The program has been very helpful every step of the way. I feel truly blessed that I am part of her team. ~ Rita Linda Dayrit
Philippines Etiquette Consultant, 2018, Manners and Mindfulness

Lisa is a consummate professional and has been an invaluable resource to me as I begin my new business. Not only is she warm and welcoming in person, she is also an expert in her field who makes the subject matter relatable and accessible to her clients.  Her training has provided me with a vast knowledge of etiquette and best practices for teaching it.   

As an international business operator, I have been impressed with Lisa’s curiosity and questions, which enabled her to advise me and apply her product in a new region for a new audience. Her knowledge of marketing enabled me to hit the ground running and hold my first classes within weeks of becoming certified.  Not only have I opened my own business but I have also gained a teammate who is committed to my success. ~ Jenni F.,  Macau, China

Lisa Richey’s Manners To Go certification program provides a highly efficient and effective training program for anyone considering starting a manners and etiquette business. I selected her program because of the virtual delivery method of training. The lesson plans and student handouts were easy to download and review before engaging in her one-on-one conference calls. During each call, Mrs. Richey was very focused in conveying her business strategies she has proven to be successful over the years. Mrs. Richey’s Manners To Go certification program is really a “best value” program considering her efficient use of the virtual delivery method of training, the quality of teaching materials provided and the effective, interactive business calls with her I found necessary to guide my steps to make the business of teaching manners successful. ~ Aleta Greenspan, Alabama

As a former teacher, I deliberated for months over which etiquette curriculum would best fit and equip me with quality materials, instruction and support to reenter the field of education.  Manners To Go delivers!  I regret not getting started sooner.  The investment is modest for the quantity and caliber of materials you receive, not to mention the personal coaching from Lisa.  The curriculum is age appropriately structured and organized in an easy to study format that positions you to execute your lesson confidently prepared.  If you have a passion for equipping young people in etiquette, Manners To Go, is the way to go! ~ Alissa R. | Etiquette Consultant, 2016

I was looking for charm school type material for my after school program for girls, and came upon the Manners To Go website. It was like finding a treasure trove of “what-to-do(s)” and “how-to-do(s)” on manners for children. It was more that I could have imagined finding. It is, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made.

In receiving my MTG training, Lisa provided every tool and resource needed to become a successful MTG Consultant. What excited me the most is that the training includes access to her many years of experience as a successful businesswoman.

I recommend the MTG program to parents, grandparents, teachers, after school programs, or anyone who may be concerned about what our children need know about manners and etiquette. Lisa’s Manners To Go is a great product, and it is a joy working with her! ~ Lindafaye N. Etiquette Consultant, 2015

Lisa, I am so happy I found you. I’ve wanted to teach kids etiquette for years, but never had the time to research all the material and then figure out how to teach it. With your Manners To Go program, I now have the perfect program to start my business. You delivered exactly what you promised: excellent support and a turnkey system. Thank you for making it easy and fun! It was truly an honor to be trained by someone of your caliber and experience, who was willing to share “everything you know, do, and use” with me. I would highly recommend you to anyone wanting to teach children’s etiquette! ~ Sandra E. Etiquette Consultant 2014

Lisa went above and beyond what she promised to deliver.  Her enthusiasm she shares for my business is very reassuring.  I have found a life long mentor. ~ Michele W. Etiquette Consultant 2016

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