Setting the Table With Children

As a certified etiquette expert, one of your most popular requests from parents and teachers will be that of table manners. 

Dining tutorials are very popular and children absolutely love them and learn so much.

Why Children Like the Manners To Go Table Manners Lessons?

Because they are active- the main part of the learning process is role-playing and in many cases, eating together.

Many of our dining tutorials start with setting the table together.

Don’t miss out on this fun! 

Keep reading for more reasons why this is an important social skill.

Teaching Children How to Set the Table is an Important Aspect of Etiquette Education for Several Reasons:

Setting the table with children
  • Life Skills Development: Learning how to set the table teaches children practical life skills that they will use throughout their lives. These skills include organization, spatial awareness, and attention to detail.
  • Independence and Responsibility: Setting the table empowers children to contribute to household tasks and take responsibility for their role in mealtime routines. It instills a sense of independence and self-sufficiency as they learn to perform tasks on their own.
  • Social Graces and Manners: Proper table setting is an essential part of good manners and social etiquette. Teaching children how to set the table correctly helps them understand the importance of showing respect and consideration for others, especially when hosting guests or attending formal events.
  • Respect for Mealtime Rituals: Setting the table helps children recognize the significance of mealtime rituals and the importance of gathering together as a family or community to share meals. It encourages them to participate actively in these rituals and appreciate the value of quality time spent together.
  • Cultural Awareness and Diversity: Learning about table settings from different cultures and traditions promotes cultural awareness and diversity appreciation. Children gain insight into the various customs and practices related to mealtime etiquette around the world, fostering a more inclusive worldview.
  • Confidence Building: Mastering the skill of setting the table boosts children’s confidence and self-esteem. It gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride in their ability to contribute meaningfully to household routines and social gatherings.
  • Preparation for Future Social Situations: Knowing how to set the table properly prepares children for future social situations, such as hosting dinner parties, attending formal events, or dining in restaurants. It equips them with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate these situations with grace and confidence.
  • Family Bonding and Connection: Involving children in mealtime preparations, including setting the table, creates opportunities for family bonding and connection. It fosters communication, cooperation, and teamwork as family members work together to prepare and enjoy meals.

Overall, teaching children how to set the table is an essential aspect of etiquette education that promotes practical life skills, social graces, cultural awareness, and family bonding. 

By instilling these values early on, etiquette experts play a crucial role in shaping children’s behavior and attitudes towards mealtime rituals and social interactions.

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