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Lisa Richey teaching etiquette at a school event

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GLA Manners Class
Manners To Go™ provides school assemblies and classroom instruction for all grade levels. Whether you are involved with a school, library or after school-program, or perhaps you are a faculty member or part of a preschool staff, we provide the highest quality programming available to teach manners for your school or association. Manners To Go™ is an unpretentious program to help children, parents and educators navigate through the social skills of life. Lisa Richey’s mission is to provide a variety of activities to teach children the social skills needed during their formative years of development and to promote the growth of well-rounded adults who are able to interact in any situation. The Manners To Go™ program encompasses a combination of modalities (ex. visual, auditory and tactile) needed by children to enhance their ability to learn social skills. Manners To Go is touted as the best manners curriculum available to public and private schools.


I had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Richey when we booked her outstanding Manners To Go program for our school assembly at Jefferson Elementary in Westfield, NJ. The program was fine tuned to each grade level and the students were engaged and ready to participate. Mrs. Richey was even kind enough to incorporate a working lunch into the already busy day to confer with our teachers on how to put the program into their everyday activities in class. The students learned how to make eye contact, to have a proper handshake, respect for others and even writing a proper thank you note with our older grades. I would highly recommend Mrs. Richey and her Manners To Go program for everyone, adults and children alike.

Sarah Sakr

Parent Teachers Association, Jefferson Elementary School, Westfield, NJ

In today’s ever interconnected world, young people need an “interpersonal currency” that is widely accepted and easy to use. Manners To Go puts the etiquette of our time and culture in their pockets, and in doing so, opens doors of friendship and opportunity. Some young students have been shown these manners before by their parents, teachers and leaders, but by actually making it a formal lesson in Manners To Go”, the whole notion of shaking hands or formal introductions becomes demystified. Even a shy preadolescent will gain confidence when she or he is taught why and how to shake hands or make an introduction. For middle and high schoolers on the threshold of adulthood, Manners To Go gives them the playbook of how to be treated seriously by acting maturely through manners. By making it fun, they will take this “interpersonal currency” wherever they go and won’t leave home without it.

Marikay Satryano

Director, Malcolm Pray Achievement Center

“”Our students are excited about the way they feel; more confident, empowered, increased respect for self and others. Teachers and parents began commenting on the positive changes they were seeing and this motivated our young men & ladies to implement more of the ideas they were learning.!”

Tonja Starritt

Fort Sumner Middle School

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