2-Day Enhanced Immersion Etiquette Certification


In-Person | Private
You Choose the date and location for your training

Materials provided in English & Spanish

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2-Day Enhanced Immersion Etiquette Certification by the founder of Manners To Go™


Live In-Person Training

You Choose the date and location for your training

Materials provided in English & Spanish

Imagine getting all the tools and training you need to launch your own successful business teaching manners to children – in two days.

Here is a snapshot of our training program:

Our time together during your two-day training session will focus solely on you and your new business.

Phase 1 of Your Training: Certification

Our focus will be getting you certified and trained on teaching the Manners To Go curriculum. I will teach you everything you need to know about the materials and how to organize and lead a class.

We will have lunch at a beautiful downtown restaurant where I will show you what you need to know about dining etiquette and table manners in America as well as across the world.

Our afternoon will commence with you observing me teaching a manners class.  This is an invaluable opportunity, as I am known for my ability to make an immediate difference for children.  You will be inspired to teach in a way that has an impact and a method that is relevant to how children learn.  The Manners To Go method is not about judgment but about self-respect and to show how we all can have confidence.

Phase 2 of Your Training: Business Strategy

On Day two, you will receive valuable marketing advice and resources to help you launch and grow your business once you complete the training:

  • Proposal templates for different organizations (country clubs, Girl Scout troops, schools, private clients)
  • Business contract templates
  • Marketing resources for your clients to use
  • Blueprint on how to develop a strong online presence; website and social media

After a quick energy boosting power lunch, you will have a second opportunity to observe me teaching a class.

After a refresh at your hotel, we will head out to dinner at a fabulous restaurant.

You will leave our two-day immersion feeling inspired, energized and ready to start your new business.


If you have any questions, please contact Lisa at 610-212-1862 or email her at info@mannerstogo.com


Training Includes

The Manners To Go™ 2-Day Enhanced Immersion Program includes:

  • Two days of “live” one-on-one training and mentorship with Manners To Go™ founder Lisa Richey
  • Curriculum and lesson plans for:
  • Preschool
  • Elementary
  • Middle School
  • High School
  • College Programs
  • Training manuals for each grade level (1000+ pages total)
  • Easy-to-use lesson plans that state the objective, activities, items needed and room set-up for each topic
  • Suggested dialogue for you to use while teaching
  • Role-playing activities for each lesson
  • Coloring pages for students aged 4-6
  • Ready-to-use handouts that are beautifully illustrated and age appropriate
  • Materials provided in English & Spanish
  • Updates to the curriculum
  • Video of classes in action
  • Tips on how to customize the curriculum to different audiences
  • Afternoon tea at a local hotel or restaurant
  • Dinner at an upscale restaurant


  • The curriculum is downloaded to you immediately. Check your inbox.
  • You will receive a phone call from us regarding dates, location and travel schedule.
  • You may contact us at 610-212-1862 or info@mannerstogo.com


Download a copy of Non- Exclusive License and Certification Agreement

License and Certification Agreement

License and Certification Agreement

With One to One Immersion Training

This AGREEMENT made this _______ day of ______, 2018, by and between

_____________________of ______________, City of _________, State of

_________, Zip ________ (hereinafter referred to as Licensee) and The

American Academy of Etiquette, Inc of 9650 Strickland Road, Suite 103-370,

Raleigh NC. 27615 (hereinafter referred to as Licensor).

Whereas, The American Academy of Etiquette owns The Manners to Go™

program and has developed an Etiquette Training Program titled The Manners To

Go Train To Be an Etiquette Instructor for children ages 4 through 18 years of

age and is available in the following Program Components:


Elementary School

Middle School

High School

Whereas, the Licensor desires to license these Program Materials to individuals

and institutions for the sole purpose of teaching children and teenagers etiquette

from the unique and proprietary Curriculum, Lesson Plans, and Handouts.

Whereas, Licensor also provides a Certification Program that allows individuals

and institutions to become certified by The American Academy of Etiquette which

includes many additional benefits and features of certification.

o All Curriculum, Lesson Plans, and Handouts

Endorsement of their abilities to teach the Manners To Go Train To

Be an Etiquette Instructor

o Use of the Manners To Go™ logo and affiliation

o Marketing Assistance

o Four hours of 1:1 training in presenting and teaching the Program

o All updates and revisions during the license period

Whereas, the Licensee desires to lease the Program Materials for use in

educating children ages 4 through 18 in the area of, but not limited to, social

etiquette, dining skills and manners and to become certified by The American

Academy of Etiquette to teach this proprietary educational series.

Whereas, the Licensee desires and has elected for an Additional Fee to receive

dedicated One to One in-person training by the Licensor. This training will be

conducted and completed at a mutually agreed upon location between the

Licensee and Licensor. This dedicated 1:1 training will include, but not limited to

the following:

  1. Two days dedicated by Lisa Richey to conduct the training and certification in

person and when possible using real life experiences. This training will satisfy

and greatly expand upon the the four hour 1:1 training noted above.

  1. Immersion in the history and etiquette of afternoon tea while in attendance at

an agreed upon location.

  1. One evening dinner at an agreed upon location that will include a complete

educational component of proper dining etiquette and the protocol for

teaching children and teens.

Now therefore, in consideration of the premises, and the mutual promises

contained herein, the parties agree as follows:

  1. In conjunction with this License and Certification Agreement, the Licensee

shall receive electronically the following Program Materials for the requested

Program Components indicated below:

Lesson Plans

o Curriculum for High School Students

o Curriculum for Middle School Students

o Curriculum for Elementary School Students

o Curriculum for Preschools

Activity Books

o Activity Books for High School Students

o Activity Books for Middle School Students

o Activity Books for Elementary Students

o Activity Books for Preschool Students

Additional Materials

o The Manners To Go color and use placemat file

o Logos for reprint purposes

o Certification by The American Academy of Etiquette

o Marketing and Advertising Guidelines

  1. It is understood and agreed that Licensee may conduct programs and/or offer

consultant services as an independent consultant in the areas of etiquette and

dining skills for children ages 4-18 and may use the Program Materials as a

resource in conducting these etiquette programs, and may copy and make a

limited distribution (one copy per student). Such use, copying and distribution

shall be subject to the limitations on use as described in Section 4 below.

  1. Licensee may advertise that they have been certified to teach the Manners To

Go Train To Be an Etiquette Instructor Program as developed by Manners To

Go and The American Academy of Etiquette.

  1. Licensee is entitled and will receive all upgrades and future revisions to the

Program Materials that are published during the license period.

  1. 5. Terms and Conditions
  2. All Program Materials provided to Licensee are owned by Licensor and are protected

by trademark and copyright laws. Such laws prohibit making copies, distributing

copies, displaying, and performing of all or part of the Program Materials or

modifying all or part of the Program Materials without the consent of Licensor.

  1. Licensee may use the Manners to Go™ logo and hyperlink to the Manners To Go

website in promoting educational and consulting services.

  1. Except for inclusion of a brief quotation in a review or news story for publicity

purposes (in the event Licensee is interviewed) where credit is given to Licensor, no

part of the Program Materials shall be adapted, printed, published, reproduced,

duplicated, distributed, transmitted, or transferred without written permission from


  1. Licensee shall not use the Program Materials in or as the basis of a film, video,

television or radio program, article, story, brochure, book or any written published or

unpublished work without the written permission from Licensor.

  1. Licensee shall not sell, loan, lease or translate to another language, any Program

Materials and shall not permit or sublicense others to do so.

  1. Licensee may use the Program Materials to teach etiquette programs to individuals

and groups. Trainee may not use the materials to train others to teach etiquette.

Trainee shall not permit others to present or teach a program using all or part of the

Program Materials.

Program Materials

  1. Licensee is granted a license to duplicate the Program Materials and distribute them

to classes or individuals being taught by Licensee for a period of 3 years from the

date in which Licensee signs this Agreement. At the end of the 3 year program,

Licensee will be mailed a renewal agreement to renew this license s for an additional

3 years at the license fee applicable at that time.

  1. The license to duplicate and distribute the Program Materials is limited to duplication

and distribution by Licensee to Licensee’s students (one copy per student). General

distribution of the Reprint Materials is prohibited. The rights granted to Licensee

under this license do not include the right to modify, make derivative works, or to

otherwise change the content or illustrations contained in the Program Materials.


  1. Licensee acknowledges that Manners To Go is a registered trademark and no

authorization is given to use Manners To Go or The American Academy of Etiquette

except when providing credit and except insofar as the mark appears on Program

Materials which Licensee is authorized to reprint pursuant to this Agreement.

  1. In the event it comes to Licensee’s attention that a third party is improperly using,

copying, or distributing the Program Materials in violation of the copyright or

trademark rights of The American Academy of Etiquette or Manners To Go, Licensee

shall immediately notify Licensor in writing.

  1. In the event Licensee should breach the terms and conditions of this

Agreement, the rights, authorization and licenses granted herein shall

immediately terminate. Upon such termination of this Agreement, Licensee

shall return immediately to Licensor all Program Materials.

  1. Licensee shall pay Licensor the license and certification fee for (3) three years

in the one-time amount of $4595 for the Program Components set forth in

number 1 above. This fee includes the elected One to One Immersion Training.

Licensee remains certified to teach the program and to represent they are

certified by the American Academy of Etiquette during all periods that the

License is in effect. The Program Material will be downloaded to the Licensee

at this time.

8.All costs of training and certification are included in the fee noted in Item 7

above. Both the Licensee and Licensor agree that all travel related costs to

include airfare, lodging, cabs or Uber, and meals are not included in the fee

and are the responsibility of the respective parties.

  1. In the event Licensor must engage an attorney to enforce its rights under this

Agreement, it shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorney fees.

10.It is agreed that this agreement shall be governed by, construed, and enforced

in accordance with the laws of the State of North Carolina.

11.This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and any

prior understanding or representation of any kind preceding the date of this

agreement shall not be binding on either party except to the extent

incorporated in this agreement.

12.This Agreement is exclusive to Licensee and Licensee shall not sell, assign,

or sublicense any of the rights, authorizations or permission granted herein.

13.No modification or cancellation of any term or condition of this Agreement

shall be effective unless signed in writing by both parties.

Licensee agrees that they have read and understand the terms and

conditions of the Licensing and Certification Agreement and will abide by

these terms.

Licensee and Licensor have elected the One to One Immersion dates and

location as follows:

Location ________________

Dates __________________

Date: _________________

By: _______________________________

Printed Name________________________


Date: _________________

The American Academy of Etiquette, Inc


By Lisa Taylor Richey

President and Founder

Download a copy of Non- Exclusive License and Certification Agreement


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