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by Manners To Go™

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Manners To Go provides educational programs for all grade levels. Whether you are involved with a school, library or after school-program, or perhaps you are a faculty member or part of daycare staff, we provide the highest quality social skills experience available.

Manners To Go is an unpretentious program to help children, parents and educators navigate through the social skills of life. Lisa Taylor Richey’s mission is to provide a variety of activities to teach children the social skills needed during their formative years of development and to promote the growth of well-rounded adults who are able to interact in any situation.

The Manners To Go program encompasses a combination of modalities (ex. visual, auditory and tactile) needed by children to enhance their ability to learn social skills. Manners To Go is touted as the best manners curriculum available to public and private schools.


Lisa Taylor Richey is available to speak and or teach for:

  • Classroom programs (grades K-12); public, charter, and private schools
  • After-school programs
  • Special events and assemblies
  • Daycare and preschools
  • Parent organizations

Elementary manners class

Manners to Go travels to your location:

Delaware, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, including The Main Line, Media, Blue Bell, Ardmore, Chesterbrook, Malvern, Frazer, Wayne. New York, including New York City.

Through role playing and games, children will appreciate and master:

  • Eye contact
  • An impressive handshake
  • How to introduce oneself and others
  • Respecting oneself and others
  • The importance of please and thank you
  • How to politely interrupt parents, teachers and children
  • Friendships: how to be a friend
  • Telephone and social media skills
  • Tips to prepare for a job/college interview
  • Conversation skills: how to start one and include others
  • How and when to write a thank you note
  • Manners in the school cafeteria and assemblies

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Table Manners

Mealtimes offer many opportunities to teach good manners.

  • How to set the table
  • Where is my bread plate?
  • How to hold a fork correctly
  • American and Continental style dining
  • Napkin etiquette
  • Conversation at the table
  • Posture
  • Difficult to eat foods
  • Manners when dining out
  • What to do when you don’t like something


Every child deserves to learn good manners.  Manners To Go provides educational services for all grade levels.

Preschool | Elementary School | Middle School | High School


If you are looking for a dynamic and down to earth speaker for PTO meetings, school assemblies,or classroom instruction, contact us at 610-212-1862 or use the form below:

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