Join Manners To Go for Charm School at the Eloise Boutique

Join Manners To Go at the Eloise Boutique for Charm School

Join Manners To Go for Charm School at the Eloise Boutique

Charm School is back. Join me at the Eloise Boutique on September 12, 2016 for “Simply Charming”. Good manners never go out of style.

Tea with Manners To Go and Eloise

As seen on the Today Show Website, “Sweetest Tea Parties for Mom’s and Kids”

Tea, manners and Eloise certainly go together. Join us as we sip tea, sit like a lady and learn to interrupt only if we must. At this event, children and their mostly companions, through role playing and games will master:

Charm School with Eloise

  • Eye contact
  • Handshakes
  • How to introduce themselves and others
  • How to hold a teacup
  • How to use a fork
  • How to eat a scone and a finger sandwich
  • Where to place their napkin
  • How to sit like a lady
  • What is a nosy question

Etiquette School at The Plaza in NY with Eloise

Don’t forget to reserve your spot. Oh, and Eloise says to “charge it please”!

Here are the details:

Date: September 12, 2016

Time: 2-4pm

Reservations are a must: Call  212-546-5460 to reserve your spot/table

This is a mother/child event. Feel free to bring family, friends and of course a mostly companion.

About Manners To Go

Children love attending programs from Manners To Go™. The instructions are upbeat and the focus is on learning in a fun creative manner, rather than one that is judgmental or stuffy. In a Manners To Go™ session, a child learns the action, why it is done, and how it feels. The outcome is a confident and happy child. Studies have shown that children are more receptive to etiquette instruction by a third party.

Through games and role playing, your children will learn eye contact, a good handshake, how to be a good friend and much more. The Manners To Go program encompasses a combination of modalities (ex. visual, auditory and tactile) needed by children to enhance their ability to learn social skills.

If you are concerned about your child’s impression away from home, or you just want to offer your children the opportunity to be extremely confident in every situation, this program with Eloise at The Plaza is guaranteed to make a difference.

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Etiquette Certification and Train

To learn more about starting your own business teaching manners to children, click here.

Get Certified to Teach Manners To Children

Birthday Party Etiquette for Children

Birthday Parties!  Teaching Your Children about Being a Gracious Host and a Good Guest

Birthday Party Manners for Children

Birthday Party Manners

Every little girl and boy gets invited to birthday parties. Plenty of them I am sure. What fun! Whether you host the party, or take your son or daughter to one, here are a few etiquette tips to keep in mind:

For The Host

It is important to plan ahead.   A great party starts with a good invitation. Birthday party invitations should be mailed or emailed at least two-three weeks before the big day.  Include the following items on the invite:


(What type of party)


(Who is hosting)

When and Where

(Time and address of the party)

Other Info

(For example, if it is a “swim” party, suggest that the child bring a swimsuit, towel, etc.)

RSVP (email or phone number to collect responses)

Invitations should be mailed or emailed, and not handed out at school. This prevents some feelings being hurt for those who may not be invited.

Before the big day, teach your son or daughter the importance and procedure for greeting and welcoming each guest who arrives. Good greetings help to make everyone feel comfortable and important. Now is a great time to teach eye contact and why it is important.   It is so nice especially for children to see a familiar face when the door opens. It is okay, by the way, for you to be close by to greet other parents and for security reasons. Your son or daughter will want to take the guests’ coats and other things, and put them in the closet or in a back room.

As a parent, make sure to include your child in the party’s preparations and event activities.  Put her in charge of passing out party favors, or include her thoughts ahead of time as to where her guests will sit at the table. This avoids much confusion the day of the party.

If she chooses to open gifts during her party, remind her about the purpose of gift giving. It is the thought that counts. Everyone should receive a smile and a “thank you” as she opens the gift.

A handwritten thank you note is a must after a party. The note needs to include the actual name of the gift and a thank you message for attending. Mail the notes as soon after the party as possible. This is a very good habit to start. If your child is too young or has not learned how to write, have her draw a picture and sign her name. You can do the rest. It is never too early to start getting your child into the practice of sending out thank you notes.

For the Guest

Never assume the host knows that you will automatically attend. An RSVP is a gracious act and one that never goes out of style.

Include your son or daughter when choosing the most perfect birthday gift. Let your child wrap it to show their creativity.

On the day of the party, make sure your child arrives on time. Have them wear something fun and appropriate. When your host opens the door, have your child greet them with a “Happy Birthday” and hand over the gift. Make sure you have placed a tag on the gift, or have attached a card with your name on it.

Encourage your son or daughter to participate in the games. Discuss several questions ahead of time that they might ask someone to start a conversation.  Teach them about introducing themselves to others. A simple, “Hello, my name is Susan,” is a great start.

Teach your child about cleaning up after themselves. Remind them to properly dispose of their used paper cups, napkins or plates.

When leaving the party, instruct your children to tell the host (child and parent) that they had a good time and have them  express their appreciation.


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As always, thanks for reading.

Holiday Etiquette with Eloise at The Plaza


Charm School with Eloise

Simply Charming

Holiday Etiquette with Eloise

Tuesday, November 26 4-5:30pm


Celebrate the holiday in style with etiquette instructor, Lisa Taylor Richey.  Learn how to greet your guests, set the table, sit like a lady, sip your tea and sooooo much more.


For reservations, please call 212-546-5457


To learn more about birthday parties and Charm School with Eloise, click here. 

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Simply Charming with Eloise July 11 or August 8

Events for Eloise at The Plaza



Charm School is back. Join me at the Eloise Boutique on July 11 or August 8 for “Simply Charming”. Good manners never go out of style.  We will learn how to sit like a lady, where to place the napkin, sip tea and sooooo much more.  Don’t forget to bring along your friends and mostly companion.


Call now.  Don’t forget to reserve your spot.  Oh, and Eloise says to “charge it please”!

July 11 or August 8


Call Pamela Lee at The Eloise Boutique 212-546-5457


Pamela.Lee@ Fairmont.com

 For more information on Charm School click here.

How to Host an Afternoon Tea Party

The Spirit of a Tea Party 

Princess Parties in Philadelphia

Gentility—what is it?  How do we create it and offer it to our little girls? One of the greatest pleasures for young ladies is the tea party. What a beautiful childhood experience it is, and it is so easily created, whether it is in your dining room or in the backyard. Oh, there is nothing like it.

The good thing about a tea party is that it can be spontaneous. Set a table with pretty flowers from your backyard. Look in your pantry for store bought cookies and put them on a pretty plate, of course. Have your daughter set out the tea cups and put sugar and milk in the appropriate containers. Now you can have tea together. It is a great time to talk about friendships, clothes, her hockey game next week, or anything that comes to mind. Sit back and enjoy this special moment.

For a more elaborate tea and one that is planned in advance, you can serve tea sandwiches, scones, cookies, and of course chocolate in any form. As for the tea, fruited types are very good as are black teas. Provide milk and sugar for your guest. Sliced lemons are nice, too. If your children are not fond of tea yet, lemonade or hot cocoa may be substituted.

The most popular teas are English Breakfast and Earl Grey. Both are mild and work with milk and sugar or just lemon.

Going out for tea is also a wonderful experience. It is such a fun event to experience with a group of friends. If you have the opportunity to go out for tea, you may see different types of titles to describe the menu offerings. Below, you’ll find several examples that you might encounter.

The Cream Tea—This offers scones with clotted cream and lemon curd or jams along with your choice of tea.

The Full Tea—The Full tea is a complete menu and includes finger sandwiches, scones, and a variety of sweets along with your choice of tea.

A Royal Tea—This offers the menu of a “full tea” along with a glass of champagne.

High Tea—“High Tea” is often misused to make the event seem more exclusive. High Tea is not a dainty affair. It is actually a heavy, simple sit-down meal. Back in the day of the Industrial Revolution, this was the meal the workers in the fields and the factories ate. It consisted of heavy meats and cheeses.

Afternoon tea is another fabulous ritual for everyone.  It is great to plan around a special holiday like Mother’s Day, Easter, or Christmas. Afternoon tea is a magical and beautiful event, and it creates memories that will stay a lifetime.

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